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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

A weed??




its feverfew, a british native. I do actually grow it and pull out any excess seedlings that I don't want. so its only a weed if you don't want it Slimdil.

31 Jul, 2017


A wild flower Slimdil and I grow it myself Seaburngirl. Well it grows itself I should say, this and the pretty double. Easy to pullout too. Supposed to be good for headaches according to my herb book but I've never tried any of these things in case I poison myself!

31 Jul, 2017


Thanks for that. I had planted anenomes in that spot which weren't very successful and this came up in the same spot. The foliage is very like the anenome foliage so hence the quandary!

31 Jul, 2017


The foliage has a very distinctive smell, while anemone leaves don't smell at all, so you should be able to tell the difference.

31 Jul, 2017


The medicinal use is for migraine. One leaf is all you need - or all you could stomach! Some people advise putting the leaf between slices of bread and butter. Why not try a tiny bit and you'll see what I mean! Be warned it does seed around so if you want to keep it make sure you can recognise the seedlings. I think its rather pretty.

31 Jul, 2017


Being a migraine sufferer I made an infusion one year - just that one time tho ....never again!

2 Aug, 2017


I know someone who swears by Feverfew for headaches. She bruises a leaf and rubs it over her forehead. Works for her.

3 Aug, 2017


Sounds pleasanter than eating it!

3 Aug, 2017

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