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Another problem with my (as yet undecorated) shed!

Can anyone please explain why the knots on my shed are coming through green?
We knew that this shed was untreated with preservative when my husband bought it for me; so we duly bought some and treated it liberally. Then it has had 2-3 coats of the garden paint I wanted for the background colour and then when, allowing for the change in weather and other issues, I was all set to decorate it; I spotted the greenish knots!
I will consult (again) with Walton's but I know your answers won't be biased.

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Not unusual. There is a kind of paint which is used to cover knits before normal painting. I think it is called Knotting Solution or some such name with the word Knot i it.

26 Sep, 2017


All new wood will have knots and they will exude resin. You will need to buy, strangely enough, 'Knotting' solution. A varnish to paint over the knots. Perhaps two coats and then repaint over them. That should do the trick.

26 Sep, 2017


I agree it is the resin oozing from the knots. as said Knotting solution will seal the knots then you can re paint.

26 Sep, 2017


I believe you'd have to remove the paint over the knots before applying knotting, but I would love to be wrong. Are they just at the bottom or have they done this all over?

26 Sep, 2017


You're so thoughtful, Sue, your reply made me smile and think - that's my girl. No offence to OH of course.

26 Sep, 2017


Your shed is constructed with knotty pine and this is what knotty pine does. Normally considered a decorative element giving a rustic appearance. I have this in my basement and even with 4 coats, the knots will still show up. I've never used knotting solution but give it a go. You may have to re-paint the entire shed after applying it.

27 Sep, 2017


Poor OH -break it to him gently!

27 Sep, 2017


Hi my green fingered chums

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Well it seems to be a consensus that it is the resin coming out of the knots; our lack of experience in having a shed has meant that this possibility didn't enter our universe.....

I wonder if I'll be able to 'wash' off all the paint I've put on?....

28 Sep, 2017



Just to clarify what I mean about 'washing all the paint off' - obviously I only intend to do this with the knots but the various garden paints I have used (as well as a very good brand of preservative) are all supposed to be waterproof.

My husband wondered if we might 'get away with' painting on the knot solution from the inside - any thoughts folks?

28 Sep, 2017


One option is to plant a small evergreen shrub in front of it so you don't have to look at it. Wait a few months before re-painting - so all the resin runs out and dries up.

28 Sep, 2017


What I would do is to find a decorator's supplier for professionals and ask there. Save you messing about.
If there isn't one locally there's bound to be something in Newcastle.

28 Sep, 2017


my OH suggested using sand paper on the knots and about 1cm around them. when back to plain wood paint with the knotting compound as per instructions.

28 Sep, 2017


The knots are a physical aberration in the wood caused by where the tree branch attached to the main stem of the pine tree. The wood grain changes to a lateral direction, characteristic of knotty pine creating these scars. Sand paper will not remove the knots.

28 Sep, 2017


No but baring the wood and painting the knots with knotting will prevent them oozing resin.

28 Sep, 2017


Hello Again My Green Fingered Chums

As always; thank you for your helpful advice.

I do feel that the retailer of the shed should advise inexperienced people like me and hubby; that we should have treated the knots before we did anything else.....

It would have saved us an awful lot of bother and disappointment - Ho hum......

1 Oct, 2017


yes that's what I meant Stera, obviously you cant sand the knots out.
I would certainly treat the inside of the knots as they will also ooze resin from the inside. If you plan to paint the inside it will avoid the problem. Knots can ooze for many months and then ooze more when warm.

2 Oct, 2017

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