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neighbourhood cats!


By Gwendas

Cornwall, United Kingdom

this isn't a true gardening question so apologies! My garden seems to be the local cat thoroughfare. Don't mind but recently one or more of them is poohing on my lawn! Not even attempting to bury it! Any ideas how to discourage this?



im working on the same problem Gwendas and with the help of my Goy friends have found Cataway ....this is a spray that deters unwanted felines from using your garden as a public convenience.
hope this helps.
Best Wishes

17 Aug, 2008


they are many things people say on how to keep cats off lawns and gardens,but i have found over the years that nothing will put them off,try and catch them in the act and spray them with water,this is the kindest way of dealing with this problem,you will find that after a few soakings they wont come back

17 Aug, 2008


You say you are new to computers. I'm still learning with some aspects of my laptop.

The following might be helpful. Type CAT or CATS in the white top left box. Then press SEARCH, then press the word QUESTION (on green background). Do the same for BLOGS (on the green background). By doing this, you'll find lots of previous comments and discussions about cats.

Let me know if this helps ! Good luck.

17 Aug, 2008


I bought a couple of sonic cat scarers as my garden was the toilet for every feline within a five mile radius (or so it seemed). Over the course of a few months, every single feline left and went elsewhere

17 Aug, 2008


yes i was going to saggest Sonic alarms they worked really well with the foxes in my garden. - but to be honest any cats do get the hose pipe treatment in my garden! lol its so much more fun! lol

18 Aug, 2008

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