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We used to have a hedgehog in our garden. I made sure the entry and exit points were kept clear. During the summer our neighbour put down membrane covered with broken slate along his side of the fence where the exit/entry point is. We haven’t seen a hedgehog since. Is the slate a deterrent? I might add that when he moved in he cut down all the lovely trees and shrubs, a wildlife haven, and turned the garden into a playground with a large football net, huge trampoline and, the latest, a tall basketball net on a post. So wildlife clearly doesn’t enter into his life. Our gardens are approx 40 square foot.



We had a Hedgehog regularly visit our garden until we put gravel down, then erected a small Greenhouse on it. Not seen a Hedgehog since ... :o( Strange, as there is a log-pile and small wild area at the other end of the garden and a gap in the bottom of the fence!

5 Oct, 2019


We had hedgehogs for years, who walked over a pebble area . It's disappointing when they move on but that's nature.We now have no hedgehogs and I don't know why.

5 Oct, 2019


Hi, we have a hedgehog that comes and goes... you could be spot on in regards to the changes made by your neighbour. Maybe it’s thrown the hog a little, all the changes? Sounds like a child friendly garden now more than it being set up for wildlife. They could’ve made it for both, but, as you said..probably not bothered by the birds and beasties.

6 Oct, 2019


Unfortunately they are the favourite food of the badgers who seem to be moving into the suburban gardens from the countryside.

6 Oct, 2019


I didn’t know that Jimmy. Badgers being predatory towards hedgehogs.

6 Oct, 2019


I don't think that the slate is the deterrent for the hedgehog, they are after all found in cities and don't have a problem crossing roads and parks. More likely it knows that that type of habitat is unlikely to yeild food, but hopefully would cross it quickly to get to your garden. As (apparently) hedgehogs dislike change, perhaps at some point he/she will cross this barren landscape and re-discover your garden. Meanwhile perhaps a bit of food put out might lure a passing hedgehog to stay. Cat or dog biscuits are fine, but might be stolen by a roaming cat, hedgehog biscuits are better as cats don't eat them. Don't feed milk, peanuts or mealworms are they are not good for them.

6 Oct, 2019


Thank you everyone for your comments. Also to Honeysuckle for her optimistic remarks. They’ve given me hope that next year a hedgehog will return. I won’t put food out though because of rats (we had one, or more, a couple of years ago. They were apparently nesting under a neighbour’s ramshackle shed). There is another shed in a similar condition on the other side of our garden so I won’t take the risk. We do have loads of slugs though, more than enough to tempt a hedgehog!

6 Oct, 2019


Oh the poor hogs. My neighbour feeds the ones locally and they leave lots of droppings in my garden, so they come under the fence, cos I've dug a slope, but I've not seen one here. Not yet. Love the name Shirley. I don't envy you your neighbour. My across-the-road-neighbour has a pond with slab edging, her cat and a hog argued one evening and both slipped in... Puss leapt out but hog couldnt, she put a plank in and helped him out, he lay motionless for hours, sadly, didn't attempt CPR, tut, bedtime came, she was so sad for him, and barely had a wink, but by morning he'd gone! Hurray!

11 Oct, 2019


We had a hedgehog who visited our garden frequently while we had one old, blind dog who died about 9 years ago. Since then four younger, active dogs have joined our household and the hedgehog has stopped visiting. However the hedgehog came up in conversation with my neighbour recently who said a hedgehog still visits his garden, which may also explain why our dogs love to snuffle about along our dividing fence first thing in the morning. Like me, the hedgehog may just prefer a quiet life .... a garden frequented by active children and/or pets may just be off-putting :-)

14 Oct, 2019


Xela, we don't have any pets. Haven't had a dog for the past three years (the hedgehog didn't seem to worry about coming into the garden when our other dog was alive) but all that is about to change as we are adopting a rescue. We haven't got him yet but we're hoping to bring him home in the next couple of weeks. At least a dog should deter the roaming cat who likes to poo on both our back and front lawns. I've sprayed with Get Off frequently but, of course, when it rains it gets washed off. I'm thinking of putting spikes all over the lawn!

15 Oct, 2019


I am sure your rescue dog will love having a garden of their own and human companions to call their own too, exciting times for all concerned although the neighbourhood's cats may be a tad miffed! Our old, blind dog was a rescue too, that's him in my avatar, I called him our Battersea Special. We had him for 18 years before cancer struck and we had to make the heart-breaking decision to end his pain and misery. I still miss him although my current best mate and constant shadow is another Patterdale terrier, just as full of energy but a little more adventurous ;-) I hope your new companion and the hedgehog happily share your garden.

17 Oct, 2019

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