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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Visitors we have keep asking what plant this is and can they have a cutting , or better still a root.
Of course I haven’t a clue - does anyone ?




Sorry Hank, need a closer pic of the foliage etc. to be sure what it is.

19 May, 2020


yes I cant make out if you mean the reddy brown one or the green one. or is it the same plant?

19 May, 2020


I've seen that before but can't remember what it is -typical!

19 May, 2020


Is it one of these? Euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea here at

19 May, 2020


Looks ( the purple) a lot like Lysimachia ciliata purpurea- I hope I spelled that right. It sends out runners, quite invasive but I tolerate it in my garden because it fills in the blank spaces in my garden while I figure out what to do with those areas which sometimes takes years in my case.

19 May, 2020


Better pic tomorrow if I can get one. Thanks for replies Not the green stuff.

19 May, 2020


Hank, if you can, try cutting off a few lengths of it and place them on a neutral background to see the shape and arrangement of the leaves on their stems.

20 May, 2020


It looks like a Euphorbia I have - Chameleon. Seeds quite freely.

21 May, 2020


The dark one looks very like Oxalis, a rock plant.

21 May, 2020


Thanks a lot. . Sorted !

22 May, 2020

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