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Looking for a short handled border spade. My gardening friend has raised borders and has been looking for a border spade but with a handle that is half the normal length. Apparently Monty has one but she has been unable to find one. Any suggestions! Thank you in advance.



Found a few on Amazon. Some very very expensive ones too!

6 Dec, 2020


Yes I saw one on Amazon for £134!

6 Dec, 2020


Hmm...was that the shovel that the U.S. Army was infamous for? And why would they need a short-handled border spade, anyway?? ;D

6 Dec, 2020


The army used them so that they could dig trenches without having to stand up to dig and be a target.
Don't think Amsterdam's friend will be in that sort of danger.
There were cheaper one on Amazon and Ebay.
Charlies in Shropshire do not appear to stock them.

6 Dec, 2020


Thanks Owdboggy. The reason she needs a shorter one is her borders are higher up. She told me she’s been looking for ages. I have gifted myself a ladies border spade for Christmas!

6 Dec, 2020


Good thought, Owdboggy, and probably true. I was never, admittedly, in the Army, but we did use standard surplus trenching tools (Korean War vintage) in Boy Scouts, and they were a smallish round point shovel head on a short, folding handle. When locked in the fully extended position, it likely worked much like a short handled border spade. A lot cheaper than the $400 shovel of American legend, too.

7 Dec, 2020


Have a look here on UK eBay 254497969582
or Here:
This one is 45 cm - 164566379295

Burgeon and Ball short handled spade are the sort that Monty has, or very similar anyway.

10 Dec, 2020


Thank you Honeysuckle. 👍🏻

11 Dec, 2020

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