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Help with clematis please!
My clematis are beginning to get leaves and some have flower buds but I thought I need to prune them about now. Am I too late?
They mainly flowered in May last year. The first photo is Pink Fantasy which I’ve cut back a bit
The other photos are from last year when 2 other ones were in flower in May - I don’t know their names
Help much appreciated

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Pink Fantasy is in Group 3 - Cut back last year's stems to a pair of strong buds 20 cm above soil level before new growth begins in early spring. You can still prune it back more if you need too.

The second one looks like Nelly Moser. If it is, it blooms twice a year. Because Nelly Moser Clematis can bloom twice a year, it should be pruned twice a year as well. Prune your Nelly Moser Clematis in late winter or early spring and after the first flowers bloom in early summer.

The third one looks like the ones that bloom in the mid summer. That can be pruned now and it will produce new growth and flower this year.

22 Mar, 2021


SBG's advice is always spot on and I always follow it, but I would just add that an elderly neighbour has a Nelly Moser which she has not managed to prune for many years and it is always a mass of bloom, covering an old dunny at the bottom of her garden! So it isn't the end of the world if you miss a pruning or two, as long as you have the space!

23 Mar, 2021


Thank you both that’s very helpful
I’d no idea Nelly Moser should be pruned twice
no wonder mine looks so tangled up part way through the summer!

23 Mar, 2021

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