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Hi i know if you have a sucker below a graft it will be the original rootstock


By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom

Hi all i know if you have a sucker below a graft it will be the original rootstock ,now my question is can the original rootstock show as a branch up the tree,.
When i saw the plum and leaves in picture 2 it is a smaller redder (but sweet) fruit with leaves that are different from the rest of the tree.
How can this happen ? any ideas, remember the branch with the redder plum is about 3 feet above the ground ,well above the original graft.

On plant Prunus domestica 'Opal' (D)



I've never heard of a branch from the stock growing from a branch above the graft - wouldn't have thought it was possible. Have you checked carefully that the branch in question does actually grow from a branch above the graft - from the photo I could imagine that it disappears behind the thicker branch and could have grown up from much lower down, concealed by the trunk.If this is what's happened it might well be from below the graft - can you crawl under the lower branches and check if you can see its origin?

13 Aug, 2021


Me neither, I did wonder if it is from below the graft or even a separate plant from a dropped plum that has grown.

the only other thing I can think is that there has been a mutated bud on the main trunk that has then grown without you noticing it. After all that is how you get a variegated stem on an all green bush and vice versa.

14 Aug, 2021


Thanks stera and sbg, ive had a close look and traced the branch down to what looks like a previous branch pruning ,(pic1) it seems to be from the centre of a 1.5inch cut .Its definitely not a graft as i planted the original sapling .You can see in the second picture it running parallel to a branch.I think you may have something there sbg a mutated bud sounds possible.
Sorry ive inadvertently deleted the original pics.

14 Aug, 2021


Well Jake, now you are peering into the world of microbiology and of course plants are living things. Nobody has all the answers, except God. There is such a thing called a genetic anomaly. That's just a fancy term for the plant doing what it wants to do and we still have a lot to learn. In short - I don't know but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

14 Aug, 2021


Your right Paul ,well the genetic anomolys fruit tastes good so i have taken three cuttings hopefully one will take,if not ive got the pit to try (that may be different though) :0)

14 Aug, 2021



15 Aug, 2021

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