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By Sunbeam

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Help please. what is this and what’s wrong ? My son has this plant in his garden which is starting to look sickly
He didn’t know what it is, I think it looks a bit like a bay or viburnum but not sure. He says it doesn’t smell
like a bay. All help much appreciated

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I would say it's a Bay tree. They do lose some leaves this time of year. I would give it a good feed with something like Q4 and keep on top of the watering. Looks like a mould but if you are going to use for culinary purposes then I would leave it alone rather than spraying.

22 Jun, 2022


also looks a bit like laurel.
as it is an evergreen they do lose the odd leaf off and o all through the year. so an odd yellow leaf like that is ok.
however it does seem to have a sooty mould which is often due to greenfly/cushion scale producing honey dew.

A general feed and plenty of water will perk it up if it is stressed.

22 Jun, 2022


Viburnum tinus maybe.

22 Jun, 2022


It’s a bay tree almost identical to mine which has a trunk below it about 4 ft long.

22 Jun, 2022


Hi Hank - been wondering where you were!

22 Jun, 2022


Have lost your address, please let my have it.

24 Jun, 2022

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