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By Mazz

United Kingdom Gb

i'm about to purchase a greenhouse and the only part of my garden it can go in is shady for most of the day. it does get sun but not much , will this be ok?



If you ask me, I would think sun would be better, especially if you are growing vegies in it. They love sunshine to grow and get sweet and ripe. But if you are going to have a fernery, rainforest plants etc. it should be fine. Why is it so shady? Perhaps you could prune a few branches off the trees around it? Or is it right up against the house? I presume it is on the North side?

26 Aug, 2008


I have to agree with Marguerite. You will limit what yu can grow. Any seedlings that you grow in a shady greenhouse, be they veggies or flowers, will grow leggy as they need as much light as possible. If you can't increase the light where you intended to put it, could you buy one of those hexagonal ones and make it into a feature in the sunnier part of the garden as well as being useful? My neighbour has done this and it looks terrific! Just a thought!

26 Aug, 2008


Check this link out

27 Aug, 2008

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