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By Sueb

Hampshire , United Kingdom Gb

Help!!!!!! My Husband has just been out and came back with a plant for me ( he liked the look of it) it's a Sarracenia I don't know anything about them any advice would be much appreciated.

On plant Sarracenia




Now I know b all about these plants, but we do have a member called Saraceniac, hopefully he'll see this...

17 Oct, 2010


or you could send an emergency PM-- what do you feed it on?

17 Oct, 2010


Cool windowsill or garden they are hardy - you don't feed them they will attract the flies and do the necessary themselves. I seem to remember one member fed a snail to one which killed it off! Basically they are a very easy to grow carnivorous plant. Useful website to look at is

17 Oct, 2010


Thank you Bambooand Pamg:0)
I will go and look at the web site Moon grower many thanks for all your advice. I have moved it to the spare room window nice and cool in their:0)

17 Oct, 2010

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