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By Maggy7

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I have just asked a question on ACIDANTHERA
Ive anwered my self by finding this ! so in case anyone else is interested

Understand that in their native habitat, they grow high up in semi-alpine conditions found in grassy meadows or growing between rock formations in soil pockets. This is not a plant that requires superb growing conditions; in fact, overwatering and overfeeding will shorten its lifespan.


It is however tender (if you were native to Ethopia, would you like northern winters) and should be lifted in the fall and stored. (dry and warm) As a curiosity, if you store them in the dark, the corms will remain white. But, if you store them in the light, the corms will likely turn green. Do not worry if the corm is green, plant it anyway and it will grow just fine.


Plant them so the base of the bulb is 3 inches deep and with 5 inches between bulbs.

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Thank you, Maggy. That answers a few questions of my own about Acidanthera. It sounds like I probably couldn't keep it alive through the extreme summers, here, being an alpine plant--probably used to cool summers. On the other hand, Ledebouria cooperi, from a similar environment in South Africa, grows like weeds, here! I guess I will have to try it, since I have never seen it here!

Did you delete the question? Since I can't seem to find it, now.

20 Feb, 2011


Tugbrethil,I wonder if this is referring to the question I asked about these, a short while ago? I have seen your comment ,Maggy,and replied..thanks.

20 Feb, 2011


Hi yes I googled the question and your thread came up I replied on it but when I logged in on board I couldnt find it so I mentioned it again!!!! does that make sense. LOL

20 Feb, 2011


Lol,Maggy,yes it does..anyway,no problem,it was helpful to read your info from Google...thanks..

20 Feb, 2011


Sorry, Maggy, I misunderstood. I thought that you had said that you had asked the question, not Bloomer.

21 Feb, 2011


Thats O.K. Tugbrethil I should have checked on here first I might have know Id find the answer here !

22 Feb, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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