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Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hi, I have a large gravelled drive and frontage which is lined by a conifer hedge. I would like to set a tree the front corner to break it up as there are no other plants. As the tree would be adjacent to the footpath I want one that will probably only reach a height of about 12 feet. Dont mind if evergreen or deciduous, was thinking of something like a Acer Griseum - Paper Bark Maple but worried it will get too big. Any suggestions? Thanx



The specimen tree in my front garden is an amelanchier. White flowers in spring before the foliage (which starts coppery before turning green). Berries in August loved by blackbirds, then autumn colour too. It's reached about fifteen feet after twenty years

14 Oct, 2008


Hello Dawnsaunt. The A. griseum is beautiful but eventually could reach about 30 feet. I did say eventually however. It is very slow growing and the word 'set' could imply that you want it in a pot. If you do then you should have no growing problems. In a pot (even a large one) it will be restricted and as long as you remember to feed it then it should give many years of pleasure.

Otherwise you could look at other Acers, even the bog standard A. palmatum (the purple atropurpureum is gorgeous) and don't forget they all grow slowly.

Or perhaps a Japanese willow (Salix japonica)? That has fantastic leaves in autumn and can be trimmed back (in fact should be trimmed back to where you want it).

Or the Ginkgo biloba. Very slow growing and unusual. The list is endless.

14 Oct, 2008


how about a weeping silver birch

14 Oct, 2008


Hi Dawnsaunt. Welcome to GOY. I have just posted a photo of Ginkgo biloba in full Autumn dress.. It is a slow grown 30 year old tree, but you should be able to find a 6ft. specimen fairly easily at local Garden Centrre.
Don't let that put you off some of those other suggestions, it was just the coincidence, after answering an earlier question re the same tree.

14 Oct, 2008


Hi Everyone and thank you very much for getting back to me.
I need to get some photos up but I need the help of my daughter!

I have around 3 acres of land 70% is set with trees, mainly native at the moment and I have a big wildlife pond.

Poaannua: Thanks for the welcome. I actually had a Ginkgo Biloba but it never grew in about 6 years, remained about 18" high. I think the soil was too wet and we are on clay and it had a late frost that killed it. The soil at the front - is better though, good suggestion and I like the idea that it has been around for 200 million years. I'll speak to hubby. Thanks again.

Nosey Potter: I already have a weeping silver birch on my island in the middle of my pond, good idea though.

Sarraceniac: I was thinking of setting the tree in the ground actually. Hmmmm I think the paperbark maple may be too big. The acers are beautiful, aren't they but I think the A Palmatum may look a bit lost. I will look up the Salix Japonica though, sounds lovely, thank you

Andrewr: I'm not familiar with the Amelanchier, I must visit a garden centre to see one, the pictures in my books arent very good. Sounds perfect, thank you.

15 Oct, 2008

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