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Overwintering pots in a greenhouse

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While they are in the greenhouse how much, and how often should I water the medium sized pots of fuschia, begonia, blood grass and lemon verbena that i am overwintering in a tiny plastic grennhouse on a south facing wall on our cold and windy north eastern garden? Its the first year ive had the greenhouse and tryed to overwinter anything. Thankyou



We had a discussion just recently on whether plastic greenhouses would keep the frost out - and the consensus was that extra protection (fleece) was required, as it is not practicable to heat the greenhouse.
Begonias will die back anyway and the dry tubers stored in sand or sawdust.
Fuchsias need to be cut back and kept almost dry, and frost-free. Sorry, I don't know about over-wintering the others.

As I haven't got a plastic greenhouse, I hope that someone who has may be able to help you more than I can.

31 Oct, 2008

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