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By Postie

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Can anyone tell me why my foxglove has flowered like it has. The top bloom has opened fully right from the start.



No idea why it's done it but i love it and would like them all to do it, i think it's gorgeous !

24 May, 2011


I have seen this twice before, always with purple ones. It is a mutation that makes several flowers merge into one larger one. I think it looks nice though.

24 May, 2011


Agree with Kildermorie - its a form of proliferation, nothing to worry about unless the plant starts doing it all over and every year - and these are biennial, so not a problem at all.

24 May, 2011


What a weird flower. We have a large wildish garden with thousands of foxgloves, but I've never seen one like this. Amazing!

24 May, 2011


Sue has "achieved" this three years running, as Kildermorie says with the purple ones. I put a pic up yesterday. And as in this case, they are the first ones to open.

24 May, 2011


There is a certain variety that does this fairly consistently....Aha! Found it! It's 'Monstrosa'.

25 May, 2011

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