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By Vicky1

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Who is hooked on heucheras ?
How many Heucheras do you have?
Which is your favourite this year?



Now here is a question I can answer. :)

I have 10 heucheras, and I'm confident that this collection will not decrease after winter!

My favourite has been the cultivar 'Kimono'.

So, yes, I am hooked. :)

19 Jan, 2012


Me! It's a recent 'hooking' and, although unable to find them here in the very few GCs, I found three in a GC when we took the ferry back to Britain for Christmas. Love them! Looking forward to watching them come out of this 'ice age' and into Spring and Summer.

19 Jan, 2012


I've only recently become hooked too,and have 7 now, most bought last autumn, love the way they change colour over the different seasons, my favourite so far is 'Frosted Violet', daren't look at your website Vicky I won't be able to resist :-))

19 Jan, 2012


Yes I have now been hooked for 2 years still a small collection just 10.

My favourite was Marmalade but think Firecheif has overtaken its amazing.

19 Jan, 2012


I've got about 20. Not sure I have a favourite (there are so many I like) but I do like 'Tiramisu' a lot

19 Jan, 2012


I was sent a couple of baby 'Firechiefs' by a very kind friend on here Scotcat, agree it is a great colour, one is even trying very hard to send up a flower spike in January!!!!

19 Jan, 2012


I have about 5 named ones but my fav comes from my mums garden and is a 1930's one. just love the coral pink flowers.
also have a couple of heucherellas viking being my fav there.

19 Jan, 2012


Peach flambe ... so far ... they are a lovely colourful addition to the front of the border, for all year round!

19 Jan, 2012

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