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Unhappy looking Choisya


By Afban

London, United Kingdom

This Choisya in my Mum's garden is looking rather sad. It's been established in this spot for about 5 years. This year it's leaves are pale and brownish and are not looking very happy at all. It's in full sun most of the day until late afternoon in a sheltered south facing spot. Does anybody know why it would be unhappy and what to do about it?



Could it have been frosted? Mine has no flowers this year, all the buds are brown.

I don't think there's much you can do - you could see if cutting it back quite hard and feeding it would produce new shoots, I know it sounds drastic, but it might work.

Good luck.

11 Apr, 2009


It could be wind damage.

Here is a site that may help you:

11 Apr, 2009


It looks like frost damage, my Mum has the same problem with a golden escallonia, luckily the underneath foliage is fine so she is going to prune the damaged branches off. Have a look at the growth underneath and if this looks more healthy, prune away the damaged areas.

12 Apr, 2009


My choisya was getting rather large and unruly and this problem was developing.

Although it broke my heart to do it, I have just the other week, pruned it...very, very hard. It's mostly bare wood now but the new shoots are emerging very well. They can stand it, so I would suggest cutting it right back and letting it start again.

14 Apr, 2009

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