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Runner Bean question


By Stu

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

I have found a good position to grow Runner Beans, next to a 6' high fence so staking will be easier. I have dug in much of my own compost and intend to plant them out towards the end of May when all danger of frost has gone. My question is . . . would there be a problem if I grow them in the same place each year. Each year I would dig in a lot of my own compost and a sprinkling of Growmore.



The reason you are advised against planting in the same spot apart from depletion of nutrients is the danger of soil borne pests and diseases. you could probably get away with it for several years then disease may strike!

21 Apr, 2009


In theory you should rotate your veggie crops but if you are adding compost and growmore it shouldn't be a problem.

21 Apr, 2009


Also, at the end of the season, simply chop up the plants and dig into the soil. Beans put a large amount of nitrogen into the soil. Good Luck with your beans this summer.

26 Apr, 2009


Hi everyone . . . . I do know the problems about growing veg in the same place each year but as I have found a good place for my beans I would like to use it each year. I was thinking about digging out a spade depth of soil in the spring, put that soil in a diferent part of the garden, then replace with fresh soil + a good helping of my own compost. Do you think that should work ?

26 Apr, 2009


worth a try. let us know how it goes.

26 Apr, 2009

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