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what is happening to my photinia, if sick can i do anything?


By Minx

United Kingdom Gb

pot was too small it fell over twice in winter (wind), replanted it when spring arrived now leaves look like leather and theyre rusty brown, some falling off but slowly and there are new buds on tips of stems, inside of branch green, so hopeful? can anyone help please.

On plant Photinia



You need to remove the diseased leaves and burn them.
I would repot it with some slow release fertilizer and cut it back and hope for the best

24 Apr, 2009


I think I would leave it alone until the red leaves go green in a few weeks and then give it a light trim. That might help it to become more bushy.

24 Apr, 2009


Sorry probably r.i.p.

24 Apr, 2009


SORRY ALL seems I have been saying thanks and its not been getting to you! When it comes to plants etc much to my chagrin Im definately a Minx and its just so strange how some are green fingered and some qare not, but thats life Im good with animals tho! but seriously THANK YOU for your help and hopefully my photinia will decide to stay with us. Please....

25 Apr, 2009


I'm wondering if maybe you didn't water your plant enough, which is why it was light enough to fall over in the first place. Pots will only be too small if the roots are showing thro' the drainage holes.

Good luck for the plant to keep going!

26 Apr, 2009


Have taken off leaves and there seems to be a healthy growth of buds on the tips and the stems, I did repot it previously and covered the top of soil with small stones it is looking better already infact although this could be a false start had a good chat with it cos oxygen is always a good thing and also encouragement to let it know the tlc touch. thanks about the water tip but we do get very strong winds up here and it grew (outgrowing its pot), so keeping fingers crossed its looking not too bad at the mo! Thanks MINX....

27 Apr, 2009


Glad to hear that Minx! Oh, when you repot it, you could put some heavy stones in the bottom, not just for drainage but also to help stop it blowing away in the future! Lol!

29 Apr, 2009


Thankyou craftnutter, Glad to say Ive already done that Ive put some heavy stones in bottom and some smaller ones on the top!, Photinia is looking very naked but I think it is in with half a chance because of the buds but its really too early to say yet I think we would all agree on that! Once again many thanks for ALL your help everyone Ive only been computing for about 3mnths now (due to illness on my part), and so something positive has come out of being ill?!!! I am basically finding my own wayaround so if I seem incorrect? in any way its pure ignorance lol MAY the force be with you MINX.....

1 May, 2009


Pleasure, glad you'd already done that, save you the bother next time! I lost a wisteria to the wind, and that broke my heart. I eventually had to pull it up, and replace with something else altogether, so I know how sad it is when a plant gets damaged.

2 May, 2009

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