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Probably a silly question but do i really need those liners for my hanging baskets when they have plastic lined in them? I put some holes in for drainage but they just dont feel right. Whats the purpose of the liners? Thank all! :D



the plastic lining will be ok but unless you cut planting slits in them and pop plants in they will be clearly visible. the liners are just there to hold the compost in place so you can use any material you like really. moss was traditionally used as it also holds water well.

7 May, 2012


know questions are silly when you dont know the answer . you got to start somewear x .

7 May, 2012


I use coconut coir liners in baskets (I prefer moss, but its so fiddly). they don't have plastic in them, but I always shove a bit of cut up compost bag or sandwich bag in the bottom to help water retention. Not sure I've ever seen hanging basket liners with a plastic coating.

7 May, 2012


Before now I have used the moss raked up from the lawn - and it worked perfectly.

7 May, 2012


Now that's a good idea! My front "lawn" is more moss than grass, so I might just try it!

8 May, 2012


Thanks guys question solved. Bamboo-theyre just woven-kind of-wicker pound shop baskets but they did sell the coco liners next to the baskets but thought theyd be ok without. Melch. yes my front lawn is the same! I think thats harder to maintain than anything! Aw N.P your so philisophical and kind! :D will let you know how the baskets go!

9 May, 2012


got to be posative and its only the truthe leighleigh my names leigh to bye the way lol xx

9 May, 2012

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