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The care of Acer O-Kagami

Hampshire, United Kingdom

I would like to know if an Acer in a pot that seems to have died is retrievable. All the leaves have gone but the rest of the tree seems to be still living. It's around a foot tall (30cm).It was in a sheltered corner facing North-east and was kept moist but no over watered. the pot it was in was 12ins across and 10ins deep.

On plant ACER palmatum O kagami



This is a very small tree. I grow Acers from seed and the one thing that I really need to look out for is slugs. They chew the bark right at the base of the truck, sometimes just below the soil. If they chew off the bark in a complete circle round the trunk, the tree will certainly die. Have a look at it to see if that is what has happend and if not, get back to us.

13 May, 2009


Did it get frosted when the leaves were just unfurling? Hopefully, it should recover if this was the case.

13 May, 2009

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