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Primula's what happens next ?


I'm relatively new to gardening - so please excuse my ignorance - had a fab display of primulas - not got a clue what to do with them now - do they go in the compost heap or will they come back next year (usually ask my Daddy however he's on his hols and I do love your feedback guys)



Whatever you do, don't chuck them away, but if you do, chuck them in my direction! :-)
They should grow bigger and better to delight you again next year, indeed they might flower again this year - mine had a second flowering in October last year. Dead-heading encourages that to happen.

16 May, 2009


Thanks Bernard

16 May, 2009


If you have a nursery bed plant them in that, if not plant them in the back of your border then you can plant them later out in front of wallflowers or forget-me-nots for a good show next spring.

16 May, 2009


I move mine from the terracotta pots to plastic pots , give them a feed and then put them somewhere shady but where you can keep an eye on them. Put a plant label in just to remember what they are. Late autum you can split them and either pot up or plant out in the garden

16 May, 2009


thanks guys will get busy tomorrow with that little job

16 May, 2009


just thinking what about pansies do they come back too

16 May, 2009


The primulars like damp shade for the Summer.

16 May, 2009


pansies will repeat flowering if you dead head them and give them a good feed.

16 May, 2009


thanks everyone - I have just the place place for this lot - I'm away to get busy

17 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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