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Is Lagerstroemia an ericacious shrub?

South Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have been growing a Lagerstroemia shrub, which I purchased in the Vendee, for some 5 years but it only flowered once (3 years ago). Having outgrown the pot, It has now been transplanted in the garden but the leaves have turned yellowish. I think It may be because of the soil condition. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks,David Ranger

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I don't know definately, but I would say it is not warm and humid enough for it. I had a habiscus just like that for about 6 years in a warm sunny position in the ground but it never grew, never flowered but never died!! I moved it to the green house where I grew my tomatoes which was a lean to against a wall, I sprayed the wall every day to keep it humid and it reached the roof in no time and the flowers were unbelievable, It Says in the book warm sunny against a wall but humid conditons, it also says in a green house use loam based potting compost John Innins no 3. so not ericatious. It also says water freely in the growing season and lightly at other times.
Hope that helps.

17 May, 2009

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