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why is my tomato plant having leaf curl and white patches


By Abby88

United Kingdom

tomato plant is in my greenhouse but is having a problem with leaf curl and white patches



It sounds like too much sun and maybe too much water.

17 May, 2009


Leaf curl is often caused by giving it too much nitrogen, too early. It's rarely a real problem. White patches on the leaves are caused by watering during sunny weather and it's simply the effect of sunlight on the wet leaves. Leave your tomatoes alone to establish at this time of year, and only start feeding once the first trusses have set, and water just enough to keep them from wilting; that way you get delicious fruit and fewer problems with rots and other diseases.

17 May, 2009


cause of leaf curl on tomato plants

13 Jun, 2009


what is the reason for leaf curl on tomato plants

13 Jun, 2009

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