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Are there any disadvantages to polycarbonate glazing on a greenhouse as the advantages such as unbreakability and shading seem very good? Thank you for your help.



it can get brittle and go opaque excuse the spelling and glass lets the spectrums of light through better.if its just some pains then id use it.

19 May, 2009


Only disadvantages I came across (I had a polycarb greenhouse for years) was that the kids leaned on a particular pane near the dorr and it kept popping out. But I fixed that with clear silicone. Only other one is that, whenever it snowed, I had to brush it off the greenhouse roof, not just because of the weight of the snow, but also to protect the UV properties of the polycarb. With regard to shading, none is required, and the UV properties of the polycarb do not allow harmful rays to penetrate. My plants always grew straight wherever they were in the greenhouse, and didn't lean towards the light. Hope you find something useful in all this.

19 May, 2009


as david said the panels can quite easily pop out, mine do with strong winds but will silicone them in, they are safer than glass and do just as well

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19 May, 2009

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