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Photinia ID please
I'm looking for help with an ID for this Photinia. I thought it was 'Pink Marble' but now I'm not so sure after seeing BA's picture of Palette.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Does not look like how my Pink Marble started but does look like that now .

I have not been happy with my Pink Marble.

Angie its getting 1 more chance and if mine does not improve its coming out.

I also lost my Red Robin

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks Kath..... this isnt mine but my neighbours. Ive taken cuttings and given one to Scotsgran and told her is was Pink Marble. This one isnt looked after and only gets a clip now and then!
I shall remain neutral to what it is for now!
What about Andy! Had a wed tear in my eye for him!

6 Jul, 2012


Yes well done our Andie Angie

Never tried to take cuttings .

I may give a go.

6 Jul, 2012


They took very well Kath. Tried 6 and 4 rooted!

6 Jul, 2012


Pink Marble is new as far as I know, so I'm going with Davidiana Palette. Leaves also look more like Palette:-)

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks was the leaves on yours which made be wonder :))

6 Jul, 2012


See...I am a photinia expert were right lol:-)))

7 Jul, 2012


As I tell everyone BA ....'I'm not often wrong....but I'm right again!!!!'!!!!

7 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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