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Can someone tell me IF & when the best time to take to take cuttings from clematis - one that is in flower at the moment.
It is a large flower type.



If you find a new shoot that has no flowers on it, then you may use that. There are several methods of taking cuttings. I use the nodal system, it works better for me than the internodal. Use the section that is less floppy. Push into the side of a pot filled with gritty compost, You can do it now or wait a couple of weeks.

9 Jul, 2012


Thank you 2ndhand, I will have a go.
I am a bit of a novice at taking cuttings!! When you say nodal - is that the little budded bits on the jointed stems? If so - should I cut between those?

9 Jul, 2012


I would put come cutting or seed compost on the ground, or in a pot and just bend a stem down so it touches the ground. Put a stone on the stem to hold it down and leave it ... It should root like a runner. then you can sever it from the parent plant, dig it up and replant it.

15 Aug, 2013


Thank you all for suggestions. Last year brought no success!, maybe try again this year!

15 Aug, 2013

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