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Growing an Olive tree

Herts, United Kingdom Gb

I have seen some Olive trees for sale on the market where I live. They are about foot high,and look lovely and I would love to have one.has anyone any experience of growing one, I would like to pot it outside on a patio which gets a lot of sun (when its nice at any rate!) also are Olives a slow or quick growing tree? and can they stay outside in the colder months ? Thanks in advance Kit



I've got two outside in a courtyard garden- they were originally in pots, as standards, and then we transferred them to the garden 2 years ago. They came through this most recent, colder winter unscathed, BUT, where they're planted is a sheltered area, surrounded by other planting, fences and an overhanging tree (broadleaved, but still gives a bit of shelter in the winter) and the garden itself is paved, which makes it warmer too. So, I wouldn't put them in an exposed position in bare soil out in the open, but I would keep them near the house, in a paved area, in pots. As you're in hertfordshire, I think you probably get heavier frosts there than we do in London. Go for it - you can always shelter them under fleece in the winter if it gets really cold. And remember to wrap the pots, if they're terracotta or metal, in cold spells as well - keeps the roots warmer. See my photographs for pictures of the courtyard to see how sheltered the planting makes it. Maybe you can provide a similar situation for it.

5 Jun, 2009


Hi Bamboo,
Thanks for your welcome advice.My patio is well sheltered being enclosed on three sides and tiled underfoot with with quarry tiles, so Ithink after what you said this will be a suitable position for the olive in a pot .Just to say also what a beautiful garden you have!

6 Jun, 2009

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