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I need to grow everything in pots, but I have no idea what.

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Hello all. I am very new to all of this so any help or advice you can offer would be very much appreciated. I have just had my small garden space made “Wheelchair Friendly”. The old Sycamore tree has gone as has the grass. I am now left with a brand new, 6ft high fence and trellis surrounding an area of non slip paving slabs 30ft x 12ft. A metal arch at one end and a metal Arbour at the other. Oh yes I also have a water feature. I want to see flowers, colour and growth in this small space, climbers etc but it will now have to be done in pots. It would also be nice to see some wildlife. Birds, Bees, Butterflies. I will post a pic or two quite soon so you can see it all for yourselves. In the meantime, any ideas.



Hi! Itsqizmo. Welcome to GoY.
You really have scope for lots of ideas, but it certainly is an exciting challenge. Container gardening is not really my forte, but I'm sure many of the members will have your head buzzing with ideas and plans before too long. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

11 Jun, 2009


Hi Bigbumblebee and thanks for getting back to me. I look forward to having my head buzzed with ideas and plans. Pics will be uploaded just as soon as I am able. Thanks again. Take care. Gizmo

11 Jun, 2009


Tons of stuff can be grown in containers - would like more info though. Which way does the garden face, how much sun does it get, how easy will it be for you to water, what's your preference, shrubs, perennials, annuals, veggies even? Only recommendation to make at this stage is don't buy small containers, well, not more than one or two - the larger they are, the better the result.

11 Jun, 2009


It depends what kind of thing you like. A lot of plants are quite happy in a pot but a lot aren't so you'll need to do some research. On a sunny fence you could try Trachelospermum jasminoides for an evergreen leaf and gorgeous scented jasmine flowers in summer. Put some dwarf bulbs around the base (buy these in August/September) for spring. Some of the miniature daffs are scented too, or Irises or Crocuses. How about some herbs for the kitchen or a few beans, or tomatoes. You should be able to buy these now as plants. also, set up a watering system or hose as you'll need to water the pots all summer.

11 Jun, 2009


Hi Bamboo and thanks for getting back to me. I like the sound of "tons of stuff" I am looking to have some colour in this very sunny, South facing garden, all year round. Shrubs, Perennials, Climbers would be a great start but, no Veggies please. Water is not a problem, a tap is within easy reach as is a hose. Give me a day or two and I will upload some pics so you can see the space for yourself. Take care and thanks again. Gizmo.

11 Jun, 2009


I'll wait for the pictures, and maybe you could give some idea of the size of the space?

11 Jun, 2009


It's definitely worth adding a water-storing gel such as Broadleaf P4 to your containers- it stores water in the soil for the plants to access as required, which means instead of watering every day and losing most of the water as runoff, you can reduce your watering to once or twice a week- much better for the environment and the pocket!

3 Sep, 2009

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