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Plant Id please. Plant at least 100cm but growing at a rather jaunty angle along new wire fence after water board did some remedial work along the road from us. Love the blue colour and wondering if I can collect some seed!

Blue_wildflower Blue_wild_flower_leaf Blue_wildflower_habit



Its a blue sow thistle. I collected some seed a few years ago and keep meaning to plant them although I'm not sure if they are still viable after all this time. Beautiful blue.

18 Aug, 2012


Hi Cam! Thanks for replying. Been on my travels with work so just catching up :-) Not convinced I've taken a good enough photo of the leaves because I've looked up blue sow thistle and whilst the flowers look similar none of the leaves look anything like the ones on the plant up the road which resemble dock leaves/red shank. Also when it goes to seed it doesn't have the dandelion like seed clocks that the BST seems to sport. But blue sow thistle is a very lovely plant!

21 Aug, 2012


try wild chicory.

22 Aug, 2012


Hi Seaburngirl. Thanks for the tip - looked at dozens of images of wild chicory and the flowers/branching habit are spot on but still not convinced about the leaves! Tempted to have a taste as the leaves are well above height at which dog could cock its leg ha ha! Perhaps I need to take a better pic of the leaves as they def look like dock leaves/red shank before it goes red if you know what I mean :-)

22 Aug, 2012

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