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Fish Diet?


By red_aly


I was looking at my pond the other day and noticed that one of my goldfish seem to be rather plump! Could it be that there will be the little splish splash of tiny fins or does it just need to go on a diet! Well here’s hoping! Also noticed some bulbs I had bought in a bargain sale before Christmas have flowered, they have a lovely metalic sheen to their small flowers, think they may be fritallaria assyriaca. Lastly a group of tulip bulbs I bought that were supposed to be all the same colour but looks like one always has to be different, still, love it all the same!
Enjoy the sunny weather this Easter!

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Pretty pics, Red aly ...
keep us updated on the fish :o)

19 Apr, 2011


It does look like you are in for a happy event, doesn't it?
I think you have to be careful with the eggs;see if you can drop a few pebbles onto the bottom to protect them from being eaten. Have to wait and see!

19 Apr, 2011


I hate to suggest this but has this fish got Dropsy?

19 Apr, 2011


she certainly looks that way. [It doesnt look like a pine cone opened out in the photo so dont think its dropsy]thing is do you have a male? if one of the other gets nobbly spots on its face it will be the splash alright. We find that as long as there is oxygenator plants in the water enough eggs survive in this.
the male forces the female into nooks and crannies and will even flick her out of the water to get the eggs out.

We have had fish spawning for 15 yrs now. And they ahve been busy this weekend.

Did you have F uva-vulpes? because thats what mine look like. def fritillaries though. I love them.

19 Apr, 2011


I remember growing those fritilarias a few times. I don't know their name though

19 Apr, 2011


Thank you for your comments, will keep an eye on it. I have had a look at the symptoms of dropsy and at the moment the fish scales and its eyes look fine and it is feeding very well and is very lively so hopefully it will be ok. Have checked the water quality and thats ok, this particular fish was kept in a fish aquarium for a long time until recently when I was given it due to the owners moving abroad and it was well looked after as far as I know. There are male and female fish in the pond already and we have had fry before, also the male fish are chasing her so I am hopeful- will keep you advised! Yes Seaburngirl, these could be F. uva vulpes! , I did buy two or three different types of fritillary bulbs and unfortunately I didn't keep note of the names. :-)

20 Apr, 2011


I have pictures of F. uva-vulpes if you want to compare them. Glad you have male fish just think new genes for newr /healthier stock.

20 Apr, 2011


Thank you Seaburngirl, have just been looking though your pictures , you have so many lovely photos! Love the rabbits too! Your garden must be beautiful. :-)

21 Apr, 2011


The pond is very lively at the moment, full of tadpoles, frogs and the male fish are chasing the 'fat' one into the shallows and round the pond like crazy! Will keep you all updated!

21 Apr, 2011


our fish are courting too, the splashing wakes us up in the morning. thanks for the compliments re the garden, it is evolving now the girls are growing up. Rabbits are cute and they are the perfect excuse for the dandelions :o)

24 Apr, 2011


Very organic weed control those rabbits! :-)

27 Apr, 2011

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