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By rogi


Hallo to you all. At last I thought I would update you with what is happening in my little garden. The year started off bad with a lot of vandalism….

stones and bricks thrown through the green house….now I´m hoping to prevent this by installing this…

it is only a dummy camera but I´m hoping that it may work…

After I got home from work on friday it was a lovely sunny afternoon so I decided to mow both lawns…half way through the mower gave up the ghost !….I checked all the cables and plugs….all seemed to be OK…then I started to check the mower itself…but you are not supposed to repair them..OK it is well over 25 years old…then I found the problem….it had a dodgy contact where the female plug goes onto the male part of the mower…..and of course this bit was riveted…so no hope of repairing it. I jiggeled about with it and started again…but not for long….but at least I got the lawns mowed after a lot of swearing. For some while I have been thinking about buying a new mower…a simple push mower….not electric powered….I am having to use a long cable and it slowly got on my nerves having to take care not to run over it, when I got home I told my OH what had happened…she then told me that our local supermarket…with a big gardening section had one on offer…so off I trotted and bought this…

I bought it…it cost 40 €. I then took it down the garden, put it together…and tried it out…excellent….no long cables to watch.

Otherwise garden wise I have planted a couple of rows of potatoes that are coming through, sewed onion seeds…also coming through, also sewed cucumber seeds..nothing showing at the moment.

And now just a couple more photos of plants…

and last but not least this….

I hope I have not bored you all with this blog. I will do another blog when I find anything to blog about.

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I like your lawn mower. I think this type make a lovely sound on a summer's afternoon :)
People are lazy today, and want something easy to use, but those things always have drawbacks.

I'm sorry to hear about your vandalism. I hope your camera acts as a deterrent.

27 Apr, 2014


Oh that takes me back, I used to love my pushalong mower and have to agree it was a far more pleasant noise to hear than what we use now, alas I couldn't use one now as it would take all day to cut the lawn and never work if said lawn was wet, lol..
Rogi I cannot print my thoughts on seeing your vandalism, they need a biddy good clip around the earhole and be made to pick up every shard of glass by hand, lets hope the dummy camera works for you.
BTW Rogi, a piece of local news for you, think back to your childhood, there's uproar in our old town at the moment, one of our famous landmarks has been vandalised and its not even one of our Ancient Charms, turn left at Bath row, looking towards the town bridge, can you picture the huge Willow tree on the point in the meadows, its featured in many photographs of Stamford and also many paintings, the council in their wisdom have had the audacity to give it a mega prune and all we have left at the moment is a skeleton,( it does look ugly but having one in my garden I know how quickly it will grow back,) I have not seen so many letters in the Mercury about a tree in many a year,its upset so many people, obviously it will grow back and be just as photogenic but its really created a mega fuss, in fact more bother than moving the town football ground has, LOL.....

27 Apr, 2014


Thanks Hywel and Lincslass for your comments. I am hoping that the camera will help, but there are 2 problems...the garden is a bit off the beaten track with a disused railway line just at the back of my garden and the kids..teenagers or even younger go there for their amusement...whatever that may be and can easily get into the garden, now it is a bit harder because the trees and brambles have now grown again and made it more difficult, the 2 problem elderly neighbour has Alzheimer and doesn´t realy know what she s doing....often shouting at me saying that I have broken into her house again and stolen things...and to be honest it could be her that does damage at my place...but I have never seen her do it.

Lincslass: I remember the willow tree at the point of the medow very well, we used to sit under it fishing, going on the single track railways line from Seaton...via Morcott, North Luffenham etc. Then when I got a bit older I used to go to the YMCA oposite the bus station, also swimming in the swimming baths near the railway station....that is going back 50 years or more !!!!. I have more memories of Stamford if you are interested.

27 Apr, 2014


Sorry to read of the vandalism Rogi - I'm sure the camera will work. My son used to get local lads that would scratch his car and even spit on it - all jealousy because they don't want to work hard to pay for a car. When he got his new BMW, he bought a camera and had it installed, since then he's had no bother at all. These kind of folks are just cowards really!
Liking the new mower - there is something so calming about hearing a push and pull mower. I think it also takes us back to childhood when there was no electric mowers.
Like your little Bellis in the wall trough and your shrub, which I think is a Tamarix, is gorgeous!

27 Apr, 2014


Hallo Scottish. Yes the shrub is a Tamarix, it´s a pity that it is only this colour for a few weeks. Re the lawn mower...when I was a kid living in Rutland my parents had a fair sized house in a small village overlooking the Welland valley and a very big garden, my old dad was very proud about his garden, we had several lawns that had to look imaculate...well they always say that the front lawn is the visiting card to any garden and I remember that we had a huge heavy push mower with a large metal roller at the back and a very big heavy grass box at the front....I believe it came from Gamages store in dad worked for them before WW 2, but to earn my keep at home I had to mow the lawns about once a time for me to play on a saturday afternoon when the grass was dry....happy memories.

27 Apr, 2014


Well I hope it can be sorted out Rogi. If it's your neighbour, you may have a problem.

27 Apr, 2014


down the bottom of the garden try to keep plenty of deterrent plants like roses, thistles, nettles etc

27 Apr, 2014


The camera was a big waste of money...between and 16.30 pm today somebody had a "smashing" time down in my garden again...never mind eh !!!!.

28 Apr, 2014


Rogi - sorry to read this. Perhaps now it's time to get a real camera!

28 Apr, 2014


Sorry about your damage. It looks like plastic on your greenhouse Rogi and a piece of crazy paving, so maybe the old lady next door is heaving bits about in her dotage? I like your garden and the tamarisk tree. Looks miles better than the one my mum had in her front garden. I always thought the best part of it was the name. We just just had a tree cut down in the street outside because the dear little kiddies kept shying crab apples at the windows.

4 May, 2014

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