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What should I do with this?


Well, not been able to do a lot in the garden this last week due to the terrible weather! I have however attempted to put together (badly) a couple of hanging baskets.

Got a bargain today – wood preserver from Morissons reduced to half price. £2.50 for enough to do all the fence panels in the garden. Sometimes small gardens do have their advantages!

Anyway, I am now going to attempt to include a photo. I am hoping you can identify the plant in the photo (think it’s some kind of hebe maybe?) and advise me whether to keep or replace. It seems to be very leggy and has no leaves except for the top few inches of the branches. There is some new groth low down. The frost seems to have got to it as well.

I am considering cutting it back and hoping it bushes out or taking it out and replacing it. Is it past saving?

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its a hebe dont know which cultivar though. Give it a prune and it should resprout for you.

9 May, 2010


This is a large leaved Hebe and they are prone to the type of frost damage yours has got. I've just checked my RHS guide to pruning and it says that most Hebes will regenerate readily from old wood and tolerate even hard cutting back to remove frost damaged growth. So if it were me, I would go for it, cutting it back to around 20cm from the ground.

I would then turn any new growth into cuttings - do it in the morning cut off 10cm of new growth just below a leaf nodule - strip it of leaves back to the top 3/4 leaves and stick them in a pot filled with half compost half sand. Water in, stick a clear plastic bag over the top propped up with a wooden spoon and put on a light window sill. And then hope for the best. If they root its free and if they dont you havent lost much.

9 May, 2010


Hebes will usually grow back. Give pruning a try.

9 May, 2010


I love the Hebes I'd try to keep it. Yes I'd prune in a dome like shape. Personally I'd only cut a 1/3 and then scrape away some of the top soil and add some good compost or manure & some bark. Just give it TLC & it will bounce back. Mine is in bloom at the moment.
Show us an after pic.

15 May, 2010

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