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Potato Days


Potato Day!
Sunday 20th February 2011 11am—2pm
41 Old Dalkeith Road
Edinburgh EH16 4TE
Come along and celebrate all things Tattie with us!
On the day there will be a wide variety of seed potatoes for sale, talks and tips on growing and cooking,
refreshments and entertainment.
Entrance FREE – all welcome
If you are coming to buy seed potatoes, we would appreciate it if you could bring your own bags

First Earlies
Maris Bard
Pentland Javelin
Sharpe’s Express
Red Duke of York

Second Earlies
Edzell Blue

Main Crop
Isle of Jura
Sarpo Mira
Arran Victory
British Queen
Pink Fir Apple
Highland Burgundy
Dunbar Rover

For those of you less fortune folk who do not live in South East Scotland I attach some other contact details about Potato Days elsewhere.
I will continue to update this blog if you pm me with details of Potato Days known to you.
Charlton Park GC in Wantage was my first experience of potato days. They do mail order.

Charlton Park Garden Centre, Wantage. ~ 150 varieties by the individual tuber and 2.5kg bags. List of varieties Expert advice. More information on 01235 772700.

Rocky Mountain Nursery/Garden Centre near Shepton Mallet sell loose potato seed. I got Jersey Royals (aka International Kidney) there last year. I can recommend them for shrubs, pea and tomato seedlings too.

Leeming Bar GC has loose potatoes and also do seedling Kelsay and other onions. They have an excellent range of what you want to buy in a GC and a great selection of fruit trees.

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Nice to visit there if possible. I won't be growing them this year though.

17 Jan, 2011


I love the names of all the different varieties ..
Highland Burgundy sounds tasty ...:o)

17 Jan, 2011


It is a lovely potato. Here is the description given on Alan Romans web site - "This is an almost all red, long tubered, early maincrop variety very like some old types still grown in S. America. The central pith tissue is a burgundy colour with a very narrow white cortex band surrounding it. The skin is bright red when freshly dug but becomes more russet with underlying burgundy when it sets. Much of the colour remains when tubers are cooked, particularly if they are steamed or fried. The cooked potato is fluffy in texture and can have a slightly sweet flavour. HBR looks as if it should be suitable for salad use but the variety has high dry matter and makes good novelty crisps, chips and mash. Gordon and Sue Baldam gave me my first tuber at the East Anglian Potato Event. I arranged for it to be micropropagated and cleaned of its heavy virus content. It was placed in the disease free in vitro part of the National Collection. Red Salad which is probably the same variety had come and gone, possible more than once, in the field grown part of the National Collection".
Here is a link to his web site. It is full of interesting information and he comes to most of the potato days in Scotland.

17 Jan, 2011


Thanks for that info... the name seems to suit it even more, having read that description ! :o)

17 Jan, 2011


i love potatoes,
there is a new one in our supermarket ~ kestrel ~ have you ever grown it?

17 Jan, 2011


Kestrel is one of my favourites. I have today lifted the last of them. They have been out on the patio all winter so it was understandable that half of them have been frosted and were soft. They are described as a 2nd Early. Here is the description from AR.

This is the equivalent of modern Catriona as bred by Scotland’s most successful breeder of recent times, Jack Dunnett. It has bonny blue eyes and dominates its show classes. It has good disease resistance including partial double eelworm and slug resistance. Kestrel is the best Caithness variety for flavour as far as I am concerned. A garden favourite. also a v. good site says Kestrel is
Suitable for: Boiling, Baking, Roasting, Mashing and Chipping

Texture: Waxy Type, Floury Tasting

17 Jan, 2011


no wonder i like them!!!
thats very clever being a waxy type but tasting floury ~ i didnt know that was possible.

17 Jan, 2011


We can't be dead yet then. LOL. Still plenty more to learn. I feel I am only now starting to get an education and there is so much to learn in such a nice way on GOY.

17 Jan, 2011


Thanks for bloging this, I'm going to try and make it. I haven't decided what to grow yet so some research required before the 20th!

30 Jan, 2011


I can definitely recommend the Arran Blue and Highland Burgundy Red. They have not advertised it but if they have Salad Blue that too is a cracking potato. I would plan to get there early and be aware that there is no parking at the venue. You will need to park in a street nearby. Lucky you. I wish I could get there too. I will be in Somerset or Wiltshire for adifferent potato day.

30 Jan, 2011


Well I've just left Bridgend the place was very busy - it's still on for another hour (2pm).

I managed to get a selection including the 2 you recommended. Off to clear the bed of phormiums!

I also chatted to Alan Roman about what grows well here - he has steered me off celeriac! But celery here I come!

20 Feb, 2011


It is great to be able to access people like Alan at these events. He is a mine of information. I concentrate my enthusiasm on potatoes with lip service to other crops. I gave up on greens except for lettuce because so many other garden dwellers thought I was growing for them. Glad you enjoyed your first experience of PD's.

24 Feb, 2011

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