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Spring is well on its way


Here are some of the plants now putting on a brave show.

The heathers are Bumble Bee Heaven

The first chaenomeles in flower. This is C. nivalis

The drumstick primulas come in light to dark shades of blue and also deep pink and white

The Forsythyia was grown from a cutting many years ago
It grows up through a holly, a crab apple tree and a tree heath.

The wild Primroses come and go. Sometimes very good at other times the look like they are struggling to survive.

My favourite shrub right now. Kojo-no- mai was planted in memory of the victims of the tsunami which put the nuclear power station in North Japan out of order.

We are in the pink here – Bergenia

Hyacinths planted out years ago when they finished flowering in a pot indoors.

I can never remember the name of this woodlander but I do like it.

This one is a mystery. I have had it for several years and it has struggled to survive. It has grown leaves this year which someone may recognise. I never throw anything away unless I am absolutely sure it is dead.

Another smashing plant. I kept it in its pot and love its shiny heart shaped leaves and blue flowers. Synthyris missurica ssp. stellata. Common name Kittentails.

As you can see I am not a disciplined gardener. If I find a space or a spot in which a plant thrives I am happy to live with the chaos. Under an apple tree might not be an obvious place to grow these flowers but they like it and I like them.

Here are some more of the wild primroses growing under a Hydrangea petiolaris in a north facing area. I often wondered if it was only the wind which scattered their seed but I found out ants will also distribute them.

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What a lovely mature garden with beautiful stone walls! Is the pink Cardamine! I’ve never seen or heard of Kittentails. Is it Related to an Orchid? It looks similar to a wild orchid.

26 Mar, 2020


I love plants doing their own thing, it's more relaxed. You have lots of lovely spring flowers and shrubs :)

26 Mar, 2020


I can relate to the way you work and plant things here, there and everywhere - me too!

I love your garden where there seems to be something pretty wherever you look- the drumstick primulas are lovely :-)

26 Mar, 2020


Thank you all for your generous comments. Thank you Karen, yes it is Cardamine pentaphylla. I also have a white flowered version which is not out yet. I tried to find the family to which Kittetails belongs but I got bogged down in the science. I think I left it in the pot because the first hint was that it was a plantain. The old walls were all built by OH from stone from the church we knocked down. It was the church where he was baptised in 1929. Hywel the garden is very much a Spring flowering one but I am trying to extend the flowering through all the seasons. I do have lots of colour from various evergreens so the garden never looks totally bare. OH always says we would have to sell the garden with the house thrown in as I have spent more time in it than I have in the house.
Wildrose the drumstick primulas love our garden. I was given one plant when I admired them in my neighbours garden. It has taken off and I regularly give bits to anyone who wants it. Scottish gave me a white version which will be out soon and the pink/red ones will follow. I suspected your style of gardening was akin to mine but I think you are a trifle more careful than me. I enjoy all the gifts from birds too. I should have one of those plaques which read 'You are nearer to God in a garden ----' because I find solace here.

26 Mar, 2020


Such a pretty collection of plants. I am especially fond of any Primulas and find that they do well on our clay soil. The lovely Mountain kittentails involved a look up on google and has gone on a list of 'would like'. Yes, it's a plantain with all the horrors of these spreading, but in the right place would you really mind a carpet of these lovely blue flowers? Loved the blase remark 'stone from a Church we knocked down' as if it is something everyone does at some point, it conjures up so many pictures!

27 Mar, 2020


Lol Honeysuckle you have no idea how long it has taken me to get over the trauma of knocking our church down. Every now and then I think it has caused me to suffer from PTSD and I go through a period of reliving the awful dilemma we faced at the time but as always I read the poem 'Footprinrs' and start healing again. Somebody up there loves us.
I am still unsure about planting out the kittentails. I might plant them in a wider, deeper pot to see if their roots are a problem.

27 Mar, 2020


Im really sorry that you had to knock down the church your OH was baptised in. However, when I think about all the years of prayers and love that went through those walls, then I think that using them to make garden walls is just a perfect way to keep that going. I am pretty sure that God agrees. Stone is the same as everything’s value is in the love that it conveys, both in that we love the stone, and use it to create beautiful buildings, through working it, and also in that it provides shelter for living creatures and plants that are part of the system of sustenance of our Earth. So I imagine those stone walls are very precious and much loved. :)

27 Mar, 2020


Karen the building was being used as a church hall when we took it on. It had been allowed to become very dangerous because the skews had already started to fall off and were a danger to people passing along the right of way next to it. The slates were in a bad way and the church bell had been taken down and sent to Chogoria. Local boys had been using the stained glass windows for target practise with an air rifle. It was an eyesore and there was no way the congregation could have restored it. During the process of knocking down and building the walls we had many visitors from overseas who had some connection with the church through their families and they took little bits of it away to the four corners of the earth. I like to think the love has spread with the stones.

27 Mar, 2020


Exactly! It has! :)

27 Mar, 2020

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