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Bee swarm in the garden!


By simbad


Well excitement this morning OH came in to make a coffee while I was on the allotment he went back outside to see what looked like a huge black cloud hovering over the pond then it disappeared into our little wood, on closer inspection he found it was a swarm of bees, amazing sight, a few flew off in another direction the rest quickly settled on a tree and are still there,they are doing no harm where they are and are well away from any other houses children etc, don’t know if they’re just stopping off for a rest or staying.

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Looking at these photos, right under is listed
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which I found appropriate. ;)

24 Jun, 2015


Wow! That's a little alarming. Do you know what type of bees they are? When they swarm like that, they are looking for a suitable location to build a hive.

24 Jun, 2015


Wonder if they will stay, think of all the pollinating they could do.

24 Jun, 2015


Great blog .

they are not dangerous as before they swarmed they all fed on honey plus they have nothing to defend as in home or honey

At the moment they are waiting for the scout bees that have been sent out to look for a new home , 90% chance they will all leave tomorrow between 10.00am & 5.00pm when the temperature rises.

What your weather Thursday ?

I have caught two swarms this year.

If you want a beekeeper to hive your swarm google your local society and they will have a number to ring and someone may come to collect them and not charge you for removal , don't ask a pest controller as they will kill them , how high in the tree are they ?

Gg aka beekeeper

24 Jun, 2015


Wylie I didn't notice that lol.
Honey bees Bathgate,it was alarming at first but OH has been sat on the pond decking just feet away from them all afternoon, amazing to see so close up:-)
Ooo that would be good Siris we had a beekeeper on the allotments at the bottom of the garden for a few years and the garden was always full of them :-)
Thankyou Gg I knew you were the best person to ask :-),so the scouts would have been the ones who flew off in the other direction, fascinating!
Its forecast a nice day tomorrow similar to today which was 23 degrees, we have found a swarm line number for someone to collect them think the nearest is 20 miles away, think I'll let nature take its course and leave them to it, they are quite high in a tree a flimsy tree too, only reason we can see them is because the tree is near the pond decking and the woods in a bit of a dip near it.
I ll let you know if they leave tomorrow :-)

24 Jun, 2015


How exciting - OH is going to build a hive ( not done yet)!! but honey bees are fascinating my dad kept bees years ago - I remember the honey comb and the gear that he wore to attend to them!!

24 Jun, 2015


I will be surprised if they are still are with you , the weather being the driving force , they may find a home in your garden ? , they quite like a dalec compost bin be warned or a chimney stack or cavity wall in the house.

Also it depend how old the queen is as to how far they will go , you must have a bee hive or colony close to the garden they don't travel that far less than 50 feet when they 1st form a swarm on a branch etc as thats what my lot always do , so you need to check out the local area around your house.

I shook a swarm out of a tree about two weeks ago I did have my beesuit on and the whole lot fell on my head , yes it was scary but I was safe and sound, I was trying to get the queen to land lower down but she stayed put.
I went back at 5.30pm with a saw and cut the 30 foot branch off the hedge and caught them they are now in a brand new cedar hive 5 star luxury lol; , if you want to see the photos etc you will have to look on GC, my bee thread.

Just make sure you keep the pets in tomorrow

24 Jun, 2015


Exciting Jane all that lovely honey :-)
The beekeeper who kept bees on his allotment did leave all the hives behind, he lost his bees during one of those cold winters and didn't get any more, would new bees colonise the old hives? Know they are still there but the areas very overgrown now.
Oh heck I've got 3 dalek compost bins lol.
Oh my goodness landed on your head !!that's nearly as good as the motorway incident, still smile when I think of that lol.

24 Jun, 2015


How good is that. Ive never seen a swarm. They collect a swarm to start a beehive I believe. Keep us updated :)

24 Jun, 2015


what an amazing sight simbad. The neighbour had a swram last week but they were collected by a bee keeper. relived as I know I am allergic to wasps and don't want to risk bee stings.

lets hope they recolonize the old hives. think of the honey :o)

24 Jun, 2015


That's interesting GG - I just found a bee colony in one of our dalek bind only yesterday. They are bumble bees though.

I've never seen a swarm - exciting times!

24 Jun, 2015


So far this year, I have seen five honeybees and no wasps. Just bumblebees. What you have shown is very good to see.

24 Jun, 2015


Such interesting comments. I have a friend whose's Dad kept bees on the moors in Yorkshire. She hated them. Said her dad was transferring a hive of them in his motorhome, when the top lid layer came off. Don't know if he was driving in his bee protective suit!!!!!

25 Jun, 2015


Hi Simbad

That not good news if he left the hives behind , can have hot spots with disease I will PM you as bees will take up homes in old bee hives and give you a couple of options on what to do if you want to. I am confident the Bee inspector in your area would love to have a look at them.

Amazingly a swarm arrived today and took up home in my mini bee bait hive this had just 6 frames and is kept at the bottom of the garden from what I gather the whole garden was full of flying bees at one point but 99% are in the hive now thank fully before everyone starts coming home from work and school , I will keep in the garden for 3 or 4 weeks and if all diseases free they will go up to my apiary

25 Jun, 2015


Well Gg you were spot on they were there at 9 yesterday morning but by 11 they'd all gone well except for the odd 1 or 2 still hovering round the tree, probably went off for a sneaky feed and missed the boat lol.
Can't believe the beekeeper didn't know to remove his hives!!, I ll have a word with the allotment secretary she'll get in touch with him I'm sure, she's all for helping the bees and sure she would have made him take them away if she'd known, lets hope that's not where the bees went!
Hope your bees are ok and can soon move into their new home :-)
Thanks everyone glad ypu all found this as interesting as I did, loving all the comments,fascinating :-)
Loosestrife with the problems bees are having I was amazed when Gg said the council still destroy them !!
Brought a chill to me yesterday on the radio they were talking about a poster with the picture of a bee which said "When we go we're taking you with us" how true is that !

26 Jun, 2015



It was a good read ....

thanks for posting , if you need a number PM me to get bee society details , it occasionally happens that hives become neglected , mostly because of people going into hospital so you never know


26 Jun, 2015


Ok Gg I ll speak to the secretary tomorrow see what she says and let you know if we need the number. Its amazing what people leave behind though last year some new people took on an allotment opposite ours and like a lot of people started off really well then work commitments etc realised they didn't have the time, they built the most amazing chicken house and run ,brand new, must've cost a fortune and its just left empty, shame ,hope someone else takes over soon and gets some use out of it or I might move in lol.

26 Jun, 2015

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