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Update on my new calendar - sorry about pun!


That calendar I got for Christmas with the CD-ROM – well, I installed it on my laptop and thought that was that, but no! Today I discovered that if I click on it, I can type on the spaces and so not only can I use it for appointments, but I’ve got cunning plans to record planting dates for seeds, bulbs, plants. in fact I now possess a new logbook which is not just for one year, because it seems to be a perpetual calendar! How about that! What a fantastic present!

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yes it is a fantastic pressy, i would love one of these, i am always forgetting to do things and you don't always find out the info at the the time of year that you need to do it. any ideas on cost and where to buy one? also does it take up much room on your computer, i have a really cheap computer that is really slow when i try to put extra on it - my other half bought me a garden design programme last year but when i tried to install it, it was really complex and took so much room on the comp everything else started going doolally and really slow. so i had to take it off again.

2 Jan, 2008


I looked on the back of the calendar and there's a However, it also gives the spec needed which is PC Intel Pentium Microsoft Windows XP, takes up 1GB of space. This probably isn't good news for you, majeeka. I can't tell you how much it was, as it was a present. Have a look at the website, anyway.

2 Jan, 2008


I was just writing in reply to Weemamabell's blog that I have begun a seed-sowing diary so that we won't have to rush at the last mo to get everything going, as usually happens. I, too, would have really a digital calendar like yours, Spritz, but, like you Majeeka, my pc is probably too old.

3 Jan, 2008


will have to get one great stuff

7 Jan, 2008

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