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What wont grow here. Super esoteric,provincial blog notes.


By stan510


Of almost no use to anybody on the planet- or outside the bay area…some plants I have tried that I cant get to grow outdoors.
Stromanthe ‘tricolor’ Since putting it outside in my warmest shade= the front porch,It’s done nothing but slowly die back since last summer. I brought it back in where it was doing great for many years.
Dracenea ‘Janet Craig’ the dwarf version..almost identical results with the Stromanthe. I’m lucky it made it through the winter. Although,I have seen the larger normal version outdoors doing ok in shade,under overhangs around town.
This plant is well over 20 years old. Looks very happy to be back indoors.
Adenium arabicum. Slow even in summer outdoors. I’m just going to stick with it by a hot indoor window all year. At least it bloomed,the leaves look shiny. I did have to use systemics. Very exotic looking. It actually does resemble those huge fat plants in Arabia,only in miniature. Its in one ugly pot.
I really have to hit the thrift stores to find old ceramic things I can make into pots. I used to do that and it works. Me,cats,dogs usually break ceramic or terra cotta sooner or later. Why I hate to buy expensive pots.

Some surprises? African violets are doing well on the front porch..and were out there all winter. Painted the kitchen last summer…and I never did bring them back in.

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Gosh Stan I feel ignorant - never heard of any of those except the African violets! Sounds as though you are still struggling with your weather.

9 Jun, 2015


Its finally turned warm. Yesterday was hottest day of the year- 95f. BUT!..last year was mild in winter,and if those plants mentioned still struggled,then bring them indoors is best. I tried.
Did potting up today,more later. Bigger pots take less water.

10 Jun, 2015

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