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Removing is such sweet sorrow.


By stan510


After 20 years of add,add,add,..This month just evolved into hard pruning and just plain removing of plants. All were small to very small years ago. You kind of go blind to it all,you know what I mean? Then you remove this..and like the open spot..look at something else thinking,“It takes up space is common as dirt and is not even striking to look at”. Some common plants are…but my clump of Aloe California a hybrid of a very common but unknown origin Aloe wasn’t! In flower yes. But a in a small yard that wasn’t enough. I also removed two other clumping Aloe species, and found 2 Agave americana pups under them. All now gone.
I have tree’s I want to top much shorter to go. I’m sure I will think of other things to remove. This growing season has not been my going to nurseries. Maybe that was the trigger?

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Well it isn't easy but there comes a point when it has to be faced...

12 Jul, 2019


hard decision. good luck, Stan.

12 Jul, 2019


Most of what I remove is pre internet days plants. My learning curve.
Maybe next month take that Magnolia tree down. If it was gone? You would see the palms planted behind my something to look at. They were planted well after the Magnolia.Its leaf drop just isn't compatible with the slow growers under it. Smothers the small plants.
Then,get after the Podocarpus with more pruning. 40 years can go by so fast...

12 Jul, 2019


I am always having to cut back plants, Stan.
My current dilemma is whether to remove an old Cotoneaster. It is over fifty years old and has lost its shape.
My husband says I should wait until the winter. My problem is.....once I have made the decision I want to get on with it and replace it with something new.

12 Jul, 2019


Exactly Linda. Whatever it is that caught the eye to remove..doesn't change. Better to get it over with.
If its in stages. Might look funny for days or weeks..but the day will come when it's gone and you wonder why you took so long to see it all.
I say that probably blind to a few other plants of mine I haven't mentioned!

12 Jul, 2019


I too have reached that stage Stan, had to accept I'm not getting any younger, in the last few years we've removed the weeping willow, apple tree, a massive conifer and various smaller but still too big for me shrubs, this past week my huge pampas grass has also gone,I did that one all on my own and only killed my fork not myself, lol, a smaller one is next on my list and then its two more tired and half dead conifers, the garden is loving the extra light and I'm pleased with the planting I've used in the gaps..

17 Jul, 2019


That's the way it has to be. Younger,you want to learn about all plants,its fun.
Later..decades,you've kept it all or related to it. Plus,you don't want to spend hours watering,bending over picking up hoses. The pruning gets off the charts hard.
No maintenance company can do what I do,so they are out.
That leaves,Lin,removing what's long in the tooth in a bad way-lol.

18 Jul, 2019

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