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Hunkering down from the Virus.


By stan510


Not much to post…not only housebound but,its been a cool cloudy April. Nothing to make a nice picture even if in bloom.
It looks like California is recovering as stats say. Still,have to wait it out. Other than watering plants in pots,holding steady.

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Hello Stan, I will, be looking forward to seeing you lovely exotics soon..always enjoy reading about your plants and what’s growing in your area.
Keep well, keep’ll be back out there soon. Hope your family are well too.
Best wishes :-)

12 Apr, 2020


I started isolating before things got really bad so I've been "home alone" for nearly five weeks but my garden and greenhouse keep me going. Sometimes I think I'll wake up and this will all have been a nightmare. The government said to us, the over 70's and people with underlying conditions, you must stay home for three months! It has to be done so lets make the most of our time and think of others less fortunate.
Take care and stay safe Stan.

12 Apr, 2020


For three months? Who comes up with these numbers? This corona virus has provided fertile ground for those social experimentors who wish to throw the heavy blanket of totalitarianism over free societies. Compared to the murder and mayhem caused by senseless wars of these past decades this virus is but a pinprick. Too many are following with minds gone numb with fear.

12 Apr, 2020


If we don't all follow the instructions the whole thing will have been a waste of time. It is buying time because there were not enough ventilators. If some of us decide its an infringement of liberty and ignore it then it can't possibly work. And incidentally its our age group that would be denied ventilators if push came to shove. The prevailing fear has been caused and perpetuated by social media not the government. I don't much like not being allowed to drive four miles to my nearest beach or walk along our fabulous coastal path but am prepared to co-operate as public duty rather than out of fear, and very much resent the selfish people who try to avoid the police checks just because they fancy a bit of crab fishing..
I didn't like not being able to go to church this morning either but we held a phone conference service instead. I don't think any of us were afraid or resented the government.. Rant over.

12 Apr, 2020


There were too few restrictions at the outset of this pandemic and now too many that seem to be in place that fulfill political agendas which have nothing to do with ventilator supplies. This old doctor has come out of retirement to take the temperatures of inmates at a maximum security prison twice a day with infrared thermometers I had to purchase because supplies were not to be had at the institution. I have one N95 mask to wear every day where the same mask should not be worn until four days later and am still waiting for additional N95’s to arrive. A nurse that assisted me can no longer do so because the securing bands on her sole N95 broke and she is waiting for their arrival along with additional PPE’s in very short supply. It seems to me that the government officials were all to quick to jump into all the wrong places thereby causing another waste of time. When the politicians say that the people cannot go back to the way things were they don’t have lack of supplies in mind.

12 Apr, 2020


Thanks all,Kate.
I feel my legs getting a bit rubbery- lol. True. I do try to lift some weights..arm curls...and the aquarium and details around the house. But I could go for a long walk right about now by a parks pond. Feed the ducks.
The wife says do knee bends. I should.but..wink.
California is recovering..all the signs of it. But,hang on to your mask and rubber gloves they say until May. At least.

12 Apr, 2020


Keep safe Stan its lovely to know your still with us and to hear from you. I hope your legs recover to normal soon xxx

I do agree with Loosestrife on totalitarianism like the Eastern block was with all the research I ve done 5g spy machine which here the people are burning them down for one then to put wages lower to bring back work China has done at less wages China v America even Australia wants their land back what Chinese have bought businesses too its in their news they have even made a new law and changed the rules on any foreigners buying their land and businesses the Australians knew of this so called virus before it was released to us .
Japan or Taiwan cant recall which has now taken 4 of their businesses out of China.

I questioned this virus right from the start and have learned to go with my gut instinct at the start when they said it was heading our way in the UK and we were two weeks behind Italy if its spread as they state and not on the wind how would it be two weeks away with all the people coming in to the UK from China Italy Spain every day for months on end etc it would already be here at the same time if people were spreading it and yet they are still coming in by the airports boats and the channel tunnel with no checks or being tested while we are all in lock down urgh!!!!! does this make any sense.

I ve read Event 201 has any one else. ?

Also listened to Bill Gates Ted talks. Obarma back in the day saying if a pandamic came again in the future like the Spanish flu are we ready for it. A law suite of Harvard top professor involved with it being taken out of a USA lab also the Chinese lady who worked there who was in the chinese military but did nt declare this who they are looking for on USA news . Also the Rockerfeller report I ve seen .

Questions why are all other countries washing and spraying their roads fences shops walls trees plants etc yet the UK is not. ?
Why is rat infestation keep being mentioned around most of the world and they ve told us clean all your house look for rat s or droppings from them with this virus was the virus meant for the rats ? and its gone wrong.

or does it really exists as some doctors are saying the death numbers are being hyped up fake putting people who would die any way by saying they died of Covid 19 as all news here are owned by builder burgers.. it hard yo believe what they write and contradict each other or them selves with updates.

Why are nt relatives allowed by their love ones bed side when dying they could wear protection .

Why does Boris keep mentioning quick cremations as cremation you would nt be able to resume a body for an autopsy later to know what they died of.

Why are people still coming from abroad by flight boat channel tunnel while we are all in lock down not to spread it any further.

When they say its to protect our nhs here so it does nt fail well it has failed already when they stopped treating normal ailments needing treatment and cancer treatment then todays news asking cancer patients and parents of children with cancer to sign a form not to resuscitate them if they get it when these people have paid into the nhs for decades yet now denied treatment to save their lives or their kids lives. I am am appauled.

Why has the Pope spoken out on how governments are talking to us saying he likens it to the Natzi s or Stazis

I dont believe certain top knobs have had it either. Its just that tiring saying we are all in it together NO WE ARE NOT in it altogether.

Why can Royals MP s etc go to their holiday homes after lock down yet we cant.?

Yes we must all isolate to prevent the spread but what worries me greatly for the vunerable and oaps on their own especially every normal day we come into contact with hundreds of thouands of viruses and our immune system copes if we stay isolated for to long with nothing atttacking our immune system to strengthen it will we all become ill with not coping with these normal virus like we did before.?

13 Apr, 2020


Wow 3d! You certainly don't hold back. I'm prepared, I won't say happy, to stay home if it keeps me alive. I miss my family but I have calls from them every day and video calls so I can see them. God bless Whattsapp!!

13 Apr, 2020


Lol I am not political my self Thorneyside but I get it from my welsh grandfather who refused to say lords ladies and gentlemen he omitted lords twice on a political stage and was told to leave the stage Lloyd George use to hold meetings in his house my cousin is named after .
Keir Hardy my cousin was in at beat band in the 60s called the Cardinals .
My 5 sisters and brother are simular to me where injustice is concerned.

Glad to hear you are prepared and is willing to stay at home to save your life and so pleased to hear your in some way in touch with your family.

If any one does start to get symptoms please take deep breath exercises you can get how to on you tube most of my siblings have or still work for the nhs my daughter and son in law works as qualified carers in care homes my sister who was an OT did these exercises after having pneumomia .

13 Apr, 2020

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