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August already half over????


By stan510


Unbelievable..I have so much to do..pruning,re potting and planting. My little yards take I hand that’s 30 minutes gone before I even work on the yard.
My backyard got away from me and now,I’m working on getting it viable..ha. I’ve made mistakes on placement and put off for years digging large clumps up. I started..whew,did I sleep like a rock that night!
I want to also paint some things that really,REALLY, need it. I even replaced the old hose holder with a spiffy new one in black powdercoat. Much nice on the eye than the rusty old one. No,it did not look rustic,just rusty.
I hope all the garden plans you all made were fun and productive!

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well you have been a busy beaver.
my plans didn't all come to fruition either. I still have to dig out the couch grass from half a border and also in the rockery. other bits of the garden are looking after them selves , no doubt I will find lots of weeds when it gets a bit of a tidy up. I am planning the actions needed next year eg staking the taller plants that have flopped this year.

14 Aug, 2019


I think I'll be needing a big coat and hat for all the jobs I still need to do over the next few months - we've had hard rain for a week and it's chilly out there for August!

I have so many pots still thriving, but they've started to sell next year's bulbs already - and you cannot not buy, can you???? That would be rude....ha-ha!

Hoping for a late summer surprise of warmth and sunshine.

14 Aug, 2019


I've got 5 buddleias along the southern fence & drastically underestimated how much growth they could put on in good conditions. In my small garden it's resulted in deep, deep shade where it was formerly dappled. Some plants, notably foxglove seemed to do well despite it but others, lily of the valley, just didn't. So I've got the job of taking the 10-12 foot trees down by half!
Telescopic loppers & saws rather than secateurs for this one😄 But a lesson learnt for future years...

14 Aug, 2019


How much I agree with you Stan. Just as I think the garden is getting on OK, here we are this late in the year already. Now next year I will plan ahead - or is that what I usually say? Meanwhile there is still loads of weeding to do, pruning and trimming and the hedge needs to come down by several feet before next Spring. Does anyone sit back and say "that's done for this year"?

15 Aug, 2019


The weather here has made my painting jobs difficult and last nights heavy rain flattened a lot of the taller plants. I bought some long canes today.

16 Aug, 2019


I've been doing pathway clearance around my small yards...they are the result of my removing many years ago whole 4x4 slabs of concrete so I could increase my yard right now they kind of meander-lol. That means leaf litter,potted plants- usually dead,and various other things that had to picked up,swept,leaf blowered finally..that had blocked up my walking room.. I had to step over some things.
Linda..I want to give my old,old,old,old,old, redwood arbor one last coat of paint. The Redwood parts of are good..the non redwood wood that once held up fiberglass panels just rotted when exposed. I just knock them out..termite food.
I bet the Redwood arbor is over 60 years old and seems ok but for ...looks..ha.

17 Aug, 2019


Stan, it sounds like you are having some fun and really enjoying it. I have quite a small front and back garden, I love getting out and rejigging the areas, watering by hand like yourself - from one of the two water buts..looking for new ideas and recycling too.
It feels good to do some hard work in the garden, therapeutic and makes you feel good about it all! Plus it leads to a good night’s sleep and rest, ready for more the next day!

19 Aug, 2019


You really get it. It's so opposite winter and cold and rains and stuck in the house. It helps too that summer's here are not hot. 25c I guess is our June- October average.
I'm not sure I want a true sweltering hot and humid full blown tropical climate . Not at my age and constitution-wink.

20 Aug, 2019

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