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These yellow flowers are the best I can find in the garden at the minute. Our Dwarf Iris and Crocus pots suffered badly in all of the gales we have had since February so didn’t really look so prettty.

Today I bought all of this mix of Bacopa/Calibrachoa type plants which I have had before and love but this is the first time I’ve bought ‘starter’ plants, normally they are in bigger pots and I’d put them straight into baskets outside.

With starters, should I re-pot them into slightly bigger pots indoors, then outside into baskets, when it warms up, or just keep them in the tiny pots, and then straight into big baskets outside, when it warms up?

Any help appreciated!

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are your baskets empty at the moment? if they are then i'd plant up your baskets but keep them frost free and watered regularly until its 'warm' enough to go out.
if your baskets are in use then pot them up into larger pots but keep frost free.

your daffs and prims look beautiful.

19 Mar, 2020


Exactly the answer I was hoping for, I'd like to get on with planting asap! Thank you.

20 Mar, 2020


Being "confined to barracks" for the foreseeable months I've been planting mine up this week. I thought it would be easier to water the baskets than all those pots that have overwintered, especially now it's warming up, and the small pots dry out so fast.
Then, with the sun shining as it has been, I washed all the empty pots. I feel lucky to have my garden to escape and even if it's raining I can go into the greenhouse.
I see you have a couple of million bells there. One of my favourites that go on and on.

21 Mar, 2020


Yellow is spring's colour isn't it … and it really cheers things up after the winter :)

21 Mar, 2020


Today has been bitterly cold with a strong wind so I re-potted all ten tiny plugs into larger pots in the kitchen so I could stay nice and warm. The plants are now in our porch where they should stay nice and warm too, it's not heated but not cold either.

I do like yellow a lot and I love million bells - so long lasting.

I don't have a shed or a greenhouse, I have the garage for any emergency planting but the kitchen suits me fine. I am quite have to be in a kitchen!

21 Mar, 2020

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