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May has sprung


just a few things that’s going on in my garden at the moment, so here we go…

my Aquilegia bed, most have buds again.

Corydalis Kingfisher with the white dicentra behind.

This is my Duetzia strawberry fields, it’s loaded with buds so looking forward to this flowering.

The Red Dicentra next to my white one, this has done really well this year.

my erysimum wall the cinnamon scent here is lovely, Millie and i sit out here most evenings.

The Marsh marigold just glows in my pond, lovely plant i think.

self seeded red pansy, always a welcome splash of colour.

one of the hybrid seed saxes i grew, quite nice, buds are deep red they open to a nice pink and fade to a very light pink flower so a triple whammy flower…

Rhodie Cosmopolitan a little ill but getting better, the wild ferral cats around here keep using it as a scenting post….

My white dicentra behind the red hopefully they will cross pollinate starting to flower now..

I do love this euphorbia, it glows in the evening..

Closer of the white dicentra..

I do have a few more things but waiting for the right light to photo them, thanks for looking :-)

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All looking lovely, Warwick. I love marsh marigolds too and the saxifrage is very pretty. My aquilegias are at about the same stage, tho' one or two have opened more fully now. Even on my clay soil they manage to self seed and hybridise, which is great. Lovely garden for you and Millie to enjoy in the evenings. We could do with it warming up a bit yet to do that but at least the garden should be looking ok for when the time comes.

5 May, 2013


Wow .. lots of colour ...
well done Warwick ... garden looking great ..
the dicentra are doing well and erisymum are looking wonderful ... cute little self-seeded pansy :o)

5 May, 2013


All looking very good, love those Marsh Marigolds, always look cheerful. My aquilegias are at the same stage, just waiting for the first flower to open now. Hope you show us a photo of that Rhodo when it opens, hope it survives the pesky cats.

5 May, 2013


Thanks Tuesdaybear yes aquilegias are such good does I think, :-)

Thanks Terra, I've not been one for erysimums but these I think have won me over. :-)

Thanks Louisa yes I'll definitely do that, I did a log last year I think about it. :-)

5 May, 2013


Smashing flowers Slad...sorry, Warwick...I like Slad, it is like Vlad! :)))

5 May, 2013


Hi Warwick, those hybrid saxes are little jewels. And red pansy has really beautiful colour. Self-made beauty. I think rhodie is missing iron in the soil.

5 May, 2013


Nice to see your plants. They are doing well :o)

5 May, 2013


Thanks Karen, lol yes :-)

Thanks Kat, it's had a good supplement of feed and ericaceous compost mixed and mulched, I moved it from the cats area they we squirting it 2-3 times a day.

Thanks Hywel. :-)

5 May, 2013


Beautiful, lots going on in your garden!

5 May, 2013


Thanks Michaella :-)

5 May, 2013


You are so ahead of me here in Wales plenty of foliage on my aquilegias but no buds just lovely to see your plants !

5 May, 2013


Nice blog, you plants are looking good, the aquilegia bed is going to be good. I noticed today that I have a few buds on mine too

5 May, 2013


lovely mate - your hearts are out !!! Ours are startign to form at last - only about 3 months late lol

6 May, 2013


Thanks Kidsgran, I'm sure yours will soon be flowering.

Thanks Cinders, they are great filler plants I always say.

Cheers Paul, you did have all that extra snow mate, I just had rain.. Yours will soon be out :-)

6 May, 2013


They're forming now, cannot believe how much survived the snow :)))

6 May, 2013


All looking lovely, S'lad ... I can just imagine the wonderful scent by the Erysimums ... gorgeous .. :o)

6 May, 2013


Great blog, Surrey. Look forward to the next.
Trained Millie to fetch the beer yet?
The perfect summer. Bliss. ;-)

7 May, 2013


That's good to here Paul :-)

Thanks Shirley, yes the scents wonderful especially in the evening :-)

Cheers Mouldy, lol no she'd probably drink it before i had a chance.. :-)

7 May, 2013


Bad workman always blames the tool, Surrey. Lol.

9 May, 2013


Lol yes mate.

10 May, 2013


Next time anyone asks how my garden is doing I'll be tempted to fib & tell them I had it transfered down to Surrey & my mate is looking after it for me! ;-)

22 May, 2013

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