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Winter wonder land.


Across the country, but south Hampshire?
This is the Costa del South.

We had snow on the 8th of April 08, and before that the last major snow was about 81.

Last night though it started to fall and fall and keep on falling. It looks great all fresh and bright. Some of the plants recieved a dusting like a big cake covered in icing sugar. Then they got what could only be called dumped on.

This was taken last night, from indoors. Luckily I was one of the people wrapped up warm indoors, watching in anticipation for the next 24 hours. Worried like an expectant mother are my babies going to be ok?

From inside the Willow dome.

This is where I sit in the summer with my tea, watching the birds.

Talking about the birds, they have fat balls and a dish of luke warm water.

The Buxus has had the snow knocked off of them as it can damage their shape, if it is too heavy. All the trees have had a shake as the way the snow is building up on the branches bit can end up snapping them off.

The spring bulbs that were starting to poke out the soil, well we shall have to wait and see.

Global warming? or are we just back to how it is supposed to be. Cold and wintery this time off year.

Right I’m off to build a snowman and to try and take some pics of a robin in the snow.

Wrap up warm and be careful out there.

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wow that realy is a wonderland...wheres the snowman????

6 Jan, 2010


Yes trees, I heard on the radio this morning how bad it is in Hampshire. Your snow does look heavy. Apparently a 1,000 people were trapped in their cars overnight. How awful, it must have been freezing for them. In Canada someone said, they take a candle and matches with them in this kind of weather if going out in the car. The heat from a candle can, they say make the difference between life and death in such a situation.
I don't think the bowl of lukewarm water will stay like that for long.
I hope your snowman turns out well, and your robin photo.
Yes you,re right about the trees etc with the weight of snow on them.
You wrap up warm too.

6 Jan, 2010


Have fun building your snowman, I`m admiring from the inside although I`ve got to sort out food for my feathered friends........

6 Jan, 2010


We live by the side of the A3m just south of Petersfield 8miles and 13miles north of Portsmouth. The BBC news keeps saying that people were trapped in their cars on the A3.
Hopefully people will only go out if they really need to.
Staying in the warm is the plan today.

6 Jan, 2010


Well I'm at work - I walked in and out of 107 people only 4 people turned up!! We are a NHS service in Hampshire just outside Portsmouth and its the worst snow I've ever seen! Apparently I'm an honary northerner as its only northern folk who've turned up!!! The snow was really funny last night though it looked like daylight even at 10pm - I didnt need the flash on my camera! really odd!

6 Jan, 2010


Here it's very unusual to get snow, as we're in the lee of the Quantocks and near the sea. However, here we are this morning - it fell heavily in the night!

Only tractors are moving out there. :-((

6 Jan, 2010


This they say is part of Global warming - Extremes of weather such as periods of extreme cold, floods, and heat,

6 Jan, 2010


It feels more like Global cooling to me. :-((((( I haven't noticed any heat for at least three years!

6 Jan, 2010


reached us on south coast today to...........hope it goes soon.........

6 Jan, 2010


Clobal warming been asking for years even our summers up here have been rubbish for last three....

6 Jan, 2010


Maybe if we are now in the grip of a proper winter this year, maybe just maybe we will in return get a proper summer?

6 Jan, 2010

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