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Quiz for our garden club.


Being chairman of our local garden club, I’m looking for ways of making it more fun. One of the ways was to make a quiz.

Well yesterday I made six. So here is one of them and I would like to try one out on you guys to see if it is to easy or to hard. The questions were taken from old Gardeners World crossword.

I personally dont think its to bad, as the club has members with a mixed level of garden knowledge which is good.

There is 15 questions.
Please have a go and let me know.

WATERLOOVILLE & DISTRICT GARDEN CLUB Affiliated to the Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies and The Royal Horticultural Society

Quiz 6
1. Popular trees and shrubs from China, Japan and USA, with showy, fragrant white, pink or purple blooms

2. Orris and flag are names for members of this genus of bulbs

3. This is a sincere name for Lunaria

4. Fruit similar to crab apple thats used to make jellies

5. Latin name meaning unpleasant-smelling, as in Helleborous -——-

6. The produce of crops is called -

7. Handy machine for chopping up garden waste

8. Describes a flower incapable of producing seeds

9. A skin injury on a fruit, caused by sudden exposure to hot sun

10. The snowdrop genus

11. Allium with clusters of small onion-flavoured bulbs ideal for pickling

12. Fritillaria meleagris is better known as -— head fritillary

13. Plant whose long acid-tasting leafstalk is delicious in desserts

14. The study of plants

15. Tree or shrub trained to form a round head of branches at the top of a clear stem.

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I'm not sure of 13, but I was able to answer all the others - no I tell a lie, I had to look up 3.
A very good idea trees. I haven't put my answers here, because it might spoil it for others, so I'll do a PM.

12 Jan, 2010


I could answer them too, but I am a crossword fan. What I would like to point out that crosswords may not be the ideal place for general knowledge quiz questions? Its a different skill? So how about a good encyclopeadia where you will find the question and the correct answer!
You could section your quiz such as 1) Garden Tools 2) Garden diseases, 3) Annuals, 4) Pests 5) What is this? 6) General knowledge. this gives people an idea of the content and a chance to catch up with the general knowledge section. If you make it too hard or you may limit your entries. Also link it to something else such as a fish supper evening?

12 Jan, 2010


Good idea Drc. We were talking about a seperate fish supper/Quiz night at our committee meeting last night.
Also if I sort out a few quizzes then I can keep them as a filler in if one of our guest talkers either fails to turn up or finishes early.

Thanks for the ideas.
I would welcome any other ideas from fellow Garden club goers.

12 Jan, 2010


how about rhubarb Mad! and I like Drc's ideas, maybe a few of different levels of knowledge and maybe some photo's to identify-- sounds good fun!

12 Jan, 2010


Garden wildlife is another topic for your quiz. Dips go down well, put some garden things in saw dust tub and when scooped out they have to identify it? Have you thought of doing a gardening car treasure trail quiz find the location of an old oak tree etc, then ending back for supper and the answers? What about who can cook the oddest pie from their garden? Garden wear from 1900 fancy dress evening?

12 Jan, 2010


I liked your quiz even though there are a couple I can't answer just off the cuff! Lots of good ideas coming through for you to think about too. We had a bowls garden party some years back and had to identify garden items/plants taken at odd angles - got some amusing answers! Good luck, T&T, hope it goes well.

12 Jan, 2010


Thanks for letting me know how many I got correct, but I'm a bit ashamed of myself as I thought Id have got more. I'm looking forward to seeing the answers now. Thanks Trees....
I see Drc and Gee have some good ideas.

12 Jan, 2010


That looks to be a reasonable l;evel for a garden club, after all, you don't want everybody to score 15.
(ps - whats number 4?)

12 Jan, 2010


I thought it might be quince Bb?

12 Jan, 2010


We have a social evening for our December Club night every year. We usually have three quizzes - one is a picture quiz of garden related things (plants, flowers, places, etc), one is often garden related and the other is something completely different (last month it was advertising slogans). That way, even the horticulturally challenged have a chance of winning.

12 Jan, 2010


I shall put up the answers in about an hour, just to give a few more ago.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
I like your idea sa well Andrew.

12 Jan, 2010


Answers to the quiz earlier.
Hope it dosent create to many arguments. Like all good quiz masters, all the answers are final.

Hope you all got plenty right.

1. Magnolia

2. Iris

3. Honesty

4. Medlar

5. Foetidus

6. Yield

7. Shredder

8. Sterile

9. Scald

10. Galanthus

11. Shallot

12. Snakes

13. Rhubarb

14. Botany

15. Standard

12 Jan, 2010


Perhaps the number of letters in the answer could be given, then at least you would know you were on the right track. I didn't get 4. 6 and 15. Would you dock points for incorrect spelling of 5 lol :-) It is hard to use crossword questions as there is often more than one answer possible, and it is the letters from other clues which tell you which answer is required, if you see what I mean:-) I think your club is lucky to have a Chairman who gives his time to make others lives happier:-))

13 Jan, 2010


Medlar ! oh didn't think of that...

13 Jan, 2010

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