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What a mess! where do i begin?


Please read my profile. i will upload pics of my garden tomorrow. Xx

Iam looking for ideas on how to change this boring garden to a party place, smart and stylish i can enjoy with friends in the summer . and the children to be able to make the most of it too. x

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Welcome to GOY. Once we see your pics help will be at hand.

15 Feb, 2011


Welcome to GoY from me :)

15 Feb, 2011


And welcome from me also. You will get all the help you need from everyone on here.

15 Feb, 2011


Hi Youngflower

Welcome to GOY

I am much in the same spot as you with nearly a whole garden to make more user friendly etc - I look forward to seeing how your's goes

15 Feb, 2011


Does it need to be decking, YF? Decking has to be built above ground level with a step(s) down to the grass. If you use stone slabs then these can be laid level with the grass so that children, guests, chairs etc can overflow from the slabs onto the grass. This means that you can have a smaller 'hard' and more soft space in the garden. The soft space can be a mixture of grass and flower beds.

15 Feb, 2011


♥ Thank you everybody , nice to meet you all ♥

16 Feb, 2011


Welcome'll find plenty of ideas if you look in the GoyPedia at the bottom of the page (the alphabet below). i.e. "D" for decking ideas; "C" for child-friendly gardens or whatever. Hope you get some good ideas. "G" for gravel gardens, "P" for patio ideas......etc.

We are currently developing our back garden too and have had patio slabs lain in December and are waiting for turf to go down next month....then it's on to planting up borders etc.

Good luck with your plans :)

19 Feb, 2011


Hi WhistonLass

Thank you for your advice and comments, so kind.

I look forward to seeing your photos and sharing mine!


20 Feb, 2011

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