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Front Garden - The Beginning


By Aleyna


The house was delivered in August 2018, and after a year of waiting, the construction of the fence, the car entrance, sidewalk, installation of the front gate, finally got the green light to start the front garden.

So was the front yard in August 2018. We had to remove all this native grass, shovel the soil to remove the stones, and still lay more good quality, rich soil.

Current photo taken from the same place where it appears, especially the right side of the garden (seen from the house).

This is the left side with a raised flowerbed for Cryptomeria JapĂ´nica

Here another view of cryptomeria. On the right are the gymnocarpa rose bushes near the base of the fence. These rose bushes are vines and when they grow they will make a mural of white mini roses.

I need to disguise this white-cemented elephant, so we planted a rose bush with bigger flowers, you can hardly see it in this picture, but it’s in the front. It is a large rose bush that also offers flower clusters. I will weave the branches into the fence to hide the power pole.

Here an external view on the right side of the house from the sidewalk.

The right side plants

Lavenders were plants around this low wall and along both sides of the car’s entrance.

The balcony flowers are also part of the front garden, geraniums and the latest acquisition, a fuchsia for hummingbird delight

And here is my biggest challenge, hiding the septic tank. I saved several pinterest photos. Where this idea came from, use 3 large stones that we removed from the ground and, among them, put a clay vase, where I will plant spirea cantoniensis. Still today, looking at the photos of Andrew I was inspired to plant an acer palmatum and keep it short like a bush. On top of the lids we will put shallow cement pots to plant flowers.

Suggestions will be welcome.

And finally the garden and the house seen from the sidewalk.

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You have worked so hard to achieve your transformation! It looks beautifully pristine and in a year or two you will have so much growth and colour. And beautiful blue sky too! Enjoy!

24 Oct, 2019


My goodness you have worked hard, and so much thoughtful planning too! It looks very promising, a lovely garden to enjoy for many years to come.

24 Oct, 2019


Everything looks fantastic! I think that Cryptomeria, however, is going to give you problems. It is able to get enough sun to keep it compact, but they like to grow out (Mine is about 4 feet from the trunk to branch tips, so just under 3 meters across). I realize that if you had planted it further from the fence, it would be growing into the driveway. But it is going to try and grow through the fence, and if you prune it, it will soon become heavy on one side. But get some solar lights and enjoy it as a Christmas tree while you can still reach the top.

24 Oct, 2019


A little piece of paradise you've created - good for the mind, body & soul. Congratulations!

24 Oct, 2019


Thank you Karen and Xela,
Yes, I still have a lot to do. I believe beauty is in this construction step by step. Blue skies until May next year.

Wylie, I'll take notes of your promisse, LOL.
Our friend Elio said the same, well it grows fast, next year it will be your height.
I have been following the growth of the condominium cryptomerias and I hope to see mine reach that size and height.
You got it right, the idea is to decorate for Christmas.

Thank you Bathgate, I wake up early and see the sun rise from my balcony, overlooking the garden, is a peaceful moment.

24 Oct, 2019


what a lovely home you are creating. the views look stunning. I am watching this progress with interest.

24 Oct, 2019


Lovely to see your house & garden, Aleyna! :) Everything is looking good & when it matures a little in a few years should look very nice! :)

24 Oct, 2019


That's stunning, how exciting to have a blank canvas and make it your own.

25 Oct, 2019


You have a lovely house and you will enjoy developing the garden around it I am sure. It will be interesting to see how it progresses. Good luck !

27 Oct, 2019


Thank you all for the comments,

Seaburngirl, the beggining is exciting, but I have to be carefull or it will look like a jungle as my balcony did last years, lol.

Thank you Balcony, :)) hopefully I'll be able to recriate things after winter. Lots to learn from you. So far I know the next Autumn I'll have to cover some of my plants.

Honeysuckle white canvas is exciting and a challenge as well. But who doesn't make a mistake in the garden once at least. I'm learning.

Thank you Hywel, I'll keep the changes posted, and ask for help very often :)))

28 Oct, 2019


Hi Aleyna .. amazing garden project... how are things progressing now ?

10 Nov, 2019


Hi TT, everything growing. I have a few new roses showing up. Very soon will write another blog. Thanks for asking :)) xoxos

12 Nov, 2019


Nice that you have new roses. x x x

12 Nov, 2019


It looks amazing Aleyna you have so much to look forward to as you see your garden progress ,I know what its like to start a brand new plot from scratch hard work but very rewarding ...

26 Nov, 2019


Thank you Amy, my best part of the day, as I'm an early bird, always wake up before 6am, it is walk to my garden and talk to the plants :)
I know I have a lot to do, but there is the beautiful of this job,

28 Nov, 2019


What a lovely setting. Good luck to you.

14 Dec, 2019


Can you send the sun back over here please? Haven't seen it in a dog's age.

14 Dec, 2019

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