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After a very peculiar growing season, many of the plants look very sorry for themselves, especially the roses, now OH and I are very fond of our roses, so we would not like to be without them, but the border in which they have been growing (with clematis, pinks, eremurus, penstemons, and other bits and bobs) has become wider and wider, you know how we all take out a little more grass each year………….well, we are putting the grass back, unheard of I know!!
We decided to be quaint ( hate the words old fashioned) and just grow roses, clems, and pinks, which meant far too much bare soil on show, hence we are putting at least two feet or even more grass back, started taking the plants out today, will keep you posted, it should give the roses a better chance, well we hope so, what do you think?

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Won't you miss the other plants? It must be so hard digging them up - are you going to pot them and have a garage sale? Look forward to seeing the new border.

21 Sep, 2012


More grass :o( ... I don't like to see bare soil either, so maybe it isn't as bad as it sounds lol ... I'm not criticising you. I love pinks. It just feels like a shock ;o)

22 Sep, 2012


Sounds like a good plan...DD good luck...

22 Sep, 2012


If you have both decided & agreed on this plan of action im sure it will look great.
Waiting with bated breath for border blog Lol :-)

22 Sep, 2012


Sounds like a lot of hard work, but good luck. Don't forget to post some 'before' and 'after' pics will you?

22 Sep, 2012


Do you remember last year when I put some of my grass back? Sometimes it's the best thing for it A. I look forward to seeing your border when you've finished. Thing is, if you already have grass, then a bit more grass doesn't give you more work, whereas a big fat border full of perennials is a lot of work! I love gardening but I'd rather cut grass than pull up weeds and have to split and replant stuff every year, that's why I don't grow many perennials.

22 Sep, 2012


Sounds interesting DD, is this because you think the roses will do better without so much competition from all the perenials.

22 Sep, 2012


then a bit more grass doesn't give you more work, whereas a big fat border full of perennials is a lot of work! I love gardening but I'd rather cut grass than pull up weeds and have to split and replant stuff every year, that's why I don't grow many perennials.

Lady after my own thinking there Karen, spent 2 hours yesterday digging out a perennial border, luckily the ground was lovely and soft after some much needed rain..
You have to do what you're comfortable with, seing as how the maintenance/or no, is down to you too....

23 Sep, 2012


:) Chacun a son Gout as they say Crissue! :) I always get full of dread when I see my words quoted like that....always think I'm about to get a 'roasting' 'phew'! :)

23 Sep, 2012


Karen let me start with you dear, I do remember you putting your grass back now, we do have a lot of perennials, and as you say that are hard work, adding grass to grass will be a lot easier, also it will give us our sweeping lawn back!!
Crissue very true, it will not make more work for me, as OH cuts the lawn lol
Stroller we are hoping that without all the competition the roses might just improve.....
Waddy have taken some photos, we need to get the grass now....
Willi I do hope so, it does look awfully bare at the moment......
Snoopy unable to do that as it is a very curved border, not a straight edge anywhere!!
Hywel it has been a shock, the border looks so much larger, still cannot believe we had pinched so much off the lawn!
Stera, some have been disposed of, and others moved abound the garden.....
OH has taken everything out now except the roses, and some pinks, at the widest the border measures over 5ft and the narrow just over 2ft, we have removed the obelisks and the clematis.......
Thanks all for your input, will be updating you as soon as the turf is laid, and the roses moved around etc....

23 Sep, 2012


Looking forward to seeing exciting!

24 Sep, 2012


Fascinating plans, Dotty ...
looking forward to reports on your progress :o)
Catching up here, after lots of internet problems !

1 Oct, 2012


I'm almost lost for words, Dotty! You two just don't stop changing your garden do you! ... now I definitely have to visit on one of your NGS open days next year! ... I keep hinting to OH that our 3 very tall Cordylines should be removed and replaced with something more interesting ... strange how he just raises his eyebrows and walks away!

8 Oct, 2012


I have the perfect spot for your cordys......just pop them in the post !! have finished the rose border, on the bog garden now.......

10 Oct, 2012


Great idea Dd. I love grass and it will mean less work for you both and will make a change, once done you will not notice the difference except your back wont ache! Look forward to the blog about it!

11 Oct, 2012


GM it looks so much better already.....will post pics later on.

11 Oct, 2012


All the perennials have grown so big in this years wet conditions, they obviously liked our weather but some are looking very untidy in my garden and have encroached in anothers area, if you are not happy with your borders Dd then of course you must change it, no doubt whatever you do will be great as your garden always is no matter what you alter, look forward to seeing the changes....

11 Oct, 2012


Lincs you are correct the perennials have gone mad this year, some may not make next year, sitting with wet feet, we have a heavy soil in places...have removed several plants this year.

12 Oct, 2012

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