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Hopefully a fitting tribute.


Last year saw the death of two of our great legends of the gardening world…..
John Brooks MBE 1933-2018 garden and landscape designer author of over two dozen best sellers, the man who made the modern garden, he believed private and public gardens should be connected to the culture, history and landscapes in which they are built….if you have time, his life makes for some fascinating reading, a most unassuming man….
Then we have David Austin who died age 92 a rose breeder who put the romance back into roses…
his emphasis was on breeding roses with the character fragrance of old garden roses (gallicas, damask, alba) but with the repeat flowering ability and wide colour range of modern roses, such as hybrid tea and floribunda, David is known to have introduced 190 rose cultivars during his lifetime….
I am sure most of us have at least one of those cultivars in our own gardens….
We have a spare border, where our tiny pond used to be, so we have decided to dedicate this to some of his roses……our daughter bought us 2 for Christmas we had a garden token which paid for another, and we treated ourselves to two…..
Here is the selection…
Falstaff large dark crimson blooms.
The Ancient Mariner. Large fragrant mid pink flowers..
Crown Princess Margareta (climber) apricot orange.
The Lark Ascending. Apricot semi-double flowers.
Summer Song….Orange red unusual bright colouring.
All really beautiful highly scented roses, looking forward to getting started, pictures to follow…..

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that sounds like a good tribute to me DD2.

I know the company looked at New Dawn to 'improve it'. the flower is slightly bigger & tighter, slightly pinker but scent isn't the same. so I don't like it at all. I don't think 'improved' at all.
however new cultivars are spectacular.

3 Jan, 2019


Thanks for that, Dotty. I hadn’t heard about the death of John Brooks . . . he was an inspiration to me, and I treasure several of his books.

Yes, David Austin is THE rose man, isn’t he, and your choices sound like a brilliant tribute.

3 Jan, 2019


I will look up John Brooks. The roses will be wonderful! Something to look forward to!

3 Jan, 2019


That's a great idea Dotty. Denmans Gardens, home of John Brookes for 30 years, is being refurbished and re-opened last June. It's only about 10 miles drive for us so hopefully we shall visit in the Spring to see how the gardens are looking now.

3 Jan, 2019


Shirley we hope to get to Denmans one of these days, I was quite an admirer of John Brooks, a very clever man,.
Karen we are looking forward to creating a new rose garden, we need a new project.....
Sheila David certainly was the Rose Man, he will be sadly missed...
Seaburn I didn't realize New Dawn had been reinvented!! I wonder which version we have, I would imagine it's the old one, because the perfume is lovely!

3 Jan, 2019


Will look forward to seeing your new project DD... A very apt tribute to DA... His roses just stand out from the beds... Good luck with it.

4 Jan, 2019


dd2 my avatar is new dawn, the flower is quite lax and a soft shell pink. The one I have was taken from a cutting in my mum's garden that was planted in 1936. I think it got its agm status in 1935. The 'new' new dawn is pinkier and 'tighter' and the scent is more peppery. still a good scent but not as subtle as the old one. I also think it added more disease resistance. though to be fair mine rarely suffers from anything except the odd greenfly and leaf cutter bee attack.

4 Jan, 2019


I think it's a good idea you have of dedicating part of your garden to two great people !

4 Jan, 2019


Beth Chatto was also an other inspirational female gardener and writer who died in May 2018.
Many years ago we met John Brooke's when he was a guest speaker on a cruise.

4 Jan, 2019


Nice idea Dotty, lovely.
I was also going to say Beth Chatto died last year. Could you give me the name of a good John Brook's book please :-)

5 Jan, 2019


John Brookes, The Small Garden was an early one - packed full of interesting and practical ideas; also John Brookes’ Design Book, and Garden Design Course. If only you lived closer you could borrow them all and take your pick!

6 Jan, 2019


Awww Sheila, bless.
Thanks for the book names :-)

6 Jan, 2019


You’re welcome Dawn. His main interest is in garden design, which you may have gathered :)

6 Jan, 2019


I had forgotten about the great Beth Chatto we bought several Bergenia last year, she loved these plants and couldn't understand why they were not more widely grown......
Thanks Hywel, it won't be a hardship to plant more roses.
Meadow just sent for an Obelisk for the climber, if the weather stays mild we should be able to get them planted, the sooner the better!!

6 Jan, 2019


I grew rose 'New Dawn' in my parents' garden when I used to live at home - getting on for 60 years ago! I still remember it & I have always liked the flowers!

That was news to me that there was a "new" 'New Dawn'! 😀

7 Jan, 2019


Balcony I do like New Dawn we took ours out and then instantly regretted it, but by chance we must have left a little bit of root in because it appeared last year with a lovely flower to boot!

10 Jan, 2019


Well you were very lucky then! 😀

13 Jan, 2019

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