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Well!! it was worth a try!!¯\(◉‿◉)/¯


Some time ago I wrote a blog regarding a new border we were making with all David Austin roses, which we dedicated to the great man!

Roses were duly planted and have all grown and put on lots of growth! we added ground cover hardy geraniums, and Alliums also daylilies, which have put on a cracking display……

Well, you may ask, where are the photos? the trouble is do I like it? and in the words of Cherish Finden (Bake Off the Professionals) does it excite me? ヾ(’O’)/ well, no it doesn’t?

Dilemma!! back to the drawing board, all 5 roses will have to be moved to the border in front of the conservatory, which already has several roses in, luckily we can remove several large Monarda, several Aquilegia, Lychnis, and some Asters Daylilies to make way for them, oh and a few spreading Geraniums……

Annoying, but it has to be done, the DA rose border will be paved, gravelled, and the troughs and pots will sit there, with a small amount of planting!!(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

So that’s Octobers job sorted out…….anyone else got their winter jobs lined up?or are we the only ones?

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Oh,DD, how disappointing.Iwas thinking we would be seeing the new border soon., but I do know that feeling..there is so much anticipation too.The same happened when I planted our rose bed years ago,and to this day I'm not over enamoured with it.Can you not give it one more season?

3 Jul, 2019


It's annoying when things don't turn out just how we envisioned, but it's always an excuse to re-vamp the garden! I bought several Peter Beales roses to climb rampantly through the topped out old fir trees which were left for that purpose. Several problems there! 1 - all the roses are really rampant which was fine until the wind took down the tree trunks, so now the 6 ft posts I replaced them with just aren't big enough. 2 - they are not repeat flowering which she forgot to mention. 3 - It's difficult to keep on top of the long growth they put on. I really feel for you, but you seem to have an answer to your problem, so best of luck with the moving of them. As for October's jobs - where do you start?

3 Jul, 2019


What a pity. And a shame we never got to see the results of the idea. But if you don’t like it....well, then it will have to go. Its good to try different things though, and you won’t waste any of the plants, so enjoy your next refurb!

3 Jul, 2019


Karen I will post a photo, when all the roses are out together!! they have all had their first flush!! waiting for the second now!! not looking forward to tackling the conservatory border it is so densely planted, and there are some plants I don't want to lose! but I know it's the right thing to do.....
Honeysuckle! my goodness moving a few roses doesn't seem quite so tricky now!! we have these ideas don't we? great when they work out. but frustrating when they don't!! (╯︵╰,)

3 Jul, 2019


That’s a pity Dd.. anticipation can be a good thing, but often when something we thought may work well in the garden doesn’t, it’s so disappointing. At least you can put them somewhere else. I’m sure you’ll have another good idea for that spot ;)

3 Jul, 2019


oh that is a shame it sound like it would be beautiful.
jobs for autumn and winter are 'planned' but whether I do them is another matter :o)

3 Jul, 2019


Oh dear, I'd missed this one Dd, no doubt you have sorted it by now, yes I do have a list of autumn/winter jobs, if they get done depends on hubby as I need him and his magic saw to do the cutting bits, it involves getting rid of the very scruffy mainly brown old conifers first, I'm not allowed to use his saw, not considered safe for me, don't know who he thinks has been wielding the hedge trimmer all these years, just as dangerous in my opinion, lol...

1 Aug, 2019


I remember you getting the new roses.

Next year, they will be exactly where you want them to be and I know that they will look fabulous.

Our Autumn projects include painting the summer house, arranging for our tulip tree to come down and brushing up a ton of leaves!!!

Oh for some David Austin roses...............!!

1 Aug, 2019


Wildrose, thank you so much.......why are you removing your tulip tree? (@_@) will you be using a tree surgeon?
Oh Lincs you did make me OH is a tad precious about his gardening equipment, the thing is they are so old and have no edge on ......I wouldn't use them anyway!!
Seaburn, the jury's still out at the moment!!.....some days I like it, then another day, I want to remove it!!
Kate I have had a cunning plan for this particular spot for sometime!! then got waylaid, because of the roses!!'s the energy I need, well we both need to move everything around ....yet again!

2 Aug, 2019

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